Friday, 31 August 2007

Twin tricks ...

I feel like I have only been posting sadness ... when really our sons bring us so much joy. I am in awe of how blessed we are to have them. So an update on what brings smiles to our dials...

This week we discovered S can climb on the lounge and teeter on the edge on his knees, or stand up and lean over the back.He can climb into the Little Tikes car and seat himself. He can reach so many more things and he is a great tissue dispenser. He is beginning to understand when we say give it to mummy ... he crawls away as fast as he can or cruises along the furniture.He is getting the hang of the moving the little bike with his feet and he loves us racing in the Little Tikes cars.

J - well he is mastering the art of walking more every day and reaching things he we didn't know he could and pull them down. He can't climb onto the lounge but he is trying hard. He also has mastered the art (first) of pulling out 200 tissues from the box (in 20 seconds) , and is a very good paper shredder. J is already a master at foot power on the baby bike. He can get on/off well. He also loves racing the cars. His newest word is 'gone' -complete with hand actions (open palms).

Both discovered the TV buttons within hours of each other and they happily play channel surf - it is a male thing ! They can always find the remote - when I can't ! Yet the TV doesn't interest them much.

They are really good friends most of the time -unless S is taking J's paci to get a rise out of him (and he does). Sometimes J will snatch it back and crawl away, other times he starts hollering loudly and I know I need to egt it quick! I need the pacifier it keeps me sane.

They are growing up and while I love it I also feel a bit sad that my babies are growing too fast , they are almost 'toddlers' now.Thank goodness they won't go to school till they are 5.5 yrs.

This weekend we will toddler proof the house a little more stringently and safely.

S already has a big bruise on his head from playgroup ... we were outside enjoying the weather when I went to another mums car to get some toys she donated. As I came back inside I was greeted by T holding S saying we have a huge problem here ... an egg sized lump on Sam's right brow. I am not sure what happened but somehow he fell onto the paved area outside (? from a kneeling/crawling position).

I didn't panic, lucky I had my ice pack and magic (.) milk.I put the pack on the head and the breast did the rest to calm him. The lump reduced and there was just a big bruise.

I observed him carefully over the next few hours (using my nursing experience) and 'nursed' him when asleep just to make sure. He was fine thankfully. I know it won't be the last knock he gets but I can do without them.

Oh, I think J has a new tooth today...a bottom one - but the little b*gger screams every time I try to get a proper feel. I can feel their teeth every now and then, when they feed now and they start playing around.I am glad they are old enough that I can tell them it hurts and will if they continue.

This week was a pretty quiet one, though we had a play date with Cameron (1 today) yesterday and Sonny (11.5 months) today ... the first time in ages. S & J love their little friends and hope with warm weather everyone will get outdoors a bit more. We also saw C again at the Bay bee cino demo ... and we bought the Motorcycle Velours for next winter and some pram hooks. It was gorgeous stuff but sadly not much use to me *sigh*.

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron
(we can't wait till your party next week)

Flashback Friday ...hello & goodbye Charlotte

Three years ago on 31st August I was in labour give birth to Charlotte, my angel baby. I was 26 weeks pregnant when we found out her tiny heart had stopped beating on 30th August at an antenatal appointment. In my heart I knew something wasn't right. The next day I was induced and 19 hrs later she slipped silently into our world, then out again.

We only got to hold her briefly and make memories that will have to last a lifetime. No-one told us to take photos -the midwife took only a few.Already, my memory of those days has dulled and I can scarcely remember .I will never forget the over whelming grief and utter devastation at having to say goodbye so soon. I will always love you Charlotte Rose.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Monday, 27 August 2007

I did it ...

I have now completed the GDUNH finally finding the 6th extreme icon tonight ...making agrand total of 72 icons .

Now I can get some housework done (my DH will be so happy) , catch up on forum threads and catch up with friends (IRL and online) .

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sunday ...smiles & sadness

Today we celebrated S's birthday and had a family get together for Dad's (RIP) 2nd anniversary.

Almost exactly this day 3 years ago on a Sunday ... Dad organised a family get together because it seemed to him families only have get togethers for weddings and *sigh* funerals. He said it shouldn't be like that. He organised a BBQ for family and friends ... it was the last time we saw many of them before Dad's death & funeral a year later.

S enjoyed all the lovely gifts she received and appeared to be having a good time. She was bubbly and smiling.She changed into new clothes and put new makeup on.My aunt gave S a framed picture of her mum as a teenager( ~ Jo~). I don't think S has many due to circumstances that robbed her of memories of her mum.

It was a while later and we said we wanted to 'do' the cake and sing Happy birthday. S sat inside, face buried in the lounge and refused her grandfather's requests to come out for her cake. Her grandfather left her too it , saying I don't know why she does this , just because she can she tells me.

I went and sat near her and talked to her . S said she didn't want to have a cake -she wanted her mum (impossible ~ died from cancer). My eyes were welling with tears. What can you say to a child... I'd already cried many tears with her before when she was still 4.5 ...So much sadness for a little girl to carry.

Now, I knew how she had felt in a way missing my Dad but I am an adult who understands and she is 9. She has suffered so much in her short life and been hurt by the hands of people who are supposed to love and protect her. My sister joined us too after a while and eventually S said she would cut the cake but didn't want anyone to sing "Happy birthday".

So out we went. S still had a meltdown because she didn't want to smile for the cameras. My sister cradled her in her lap and she blew out the candle after a little encouragement. Later she came over to show me a cupcake with a candle in it , and told me she wanted people to sing now ... so we did.

Oh S,we really hope this birthday marks a change and that all your future birthdays are something to sing about. That wonderful memories are made today and that you can think of your mum watching over you smiling that you are safe and loved.

Three years ago, the same day as the family get together my SIL showed me the family bassinet she had prepared for our sweet Charlotte ... new linen and netting all ready ... we were just about to move to a new house (6 yr old) so she still had it. In my heart I was feeling like things were wrong when she showed me it!

Every time I saw it after that ...I knew I could never use it ... and when I found out I was pregnant with twins I was relieved ! I didn't have nor explain to people why not.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Happy Birthday (s)...& an anniversary

Happy 1st Birthday to Holly Jade
(my maternal cousin Katie's daughter)
Happy 9th Birthday to Sharni
(my paternal cousin's Jo'S daughter)
Today we celebrated, at Nurragingy Reserve, Holly's 1st birthday with family and friends. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time. Holly was gorgeous dressed as a little fairy.

Sharni was there too but we celebrate her birthday tomorrow, she lives with her grandfather (my uncle ~ too long a story).Her mother passed away 4 years ago. She has had a very rough life but tomorrow we hope she has a special day. For a short time we fostered S (4 years ago for 3 wks) with a long term intention but unfortunately due to circumstances outside our control it wasn't to be.

Finally ... 18 years ago on Saturday 26th August Matt & I celebrated our official engagement with family & friends . Gee is seems a lifetime ago and for Miss Sarah it is ...

Happy 18th Birthday to Sarah (26th August)

Sarah is the beautiful daughter of Wendy, (one of my best friends from school) ... W couldn't make to the engagement party because she was in labour. Sarah is the loveliest young woman and has plans to work with special needs children. While still at school & doing her HSC she has completed a TAFE course learning Auslan (sign lauguage).

We send you all , our best wishes and lots of love. Hope the year ahead sees all your dreams come true.

Friday, 24 August 2007

The tooth report ... update

Joel's 2nd tooth ...just found it !

Now Sam & Joel have both cut their top front teeth first ... bottom teeth are usually first I am told and earlier usually before 1yr.

Sam ~ top right (27th July -@ 12 months corrected ~since teeth eruption wouldn't be chronologically related i.e they are actually almost 13 months)
Joel ~ top left (Aug 10th)
Sam ~top left (Aug 11th)
Joel ~ top right (Aug 24th)

so both got first teeth about 2 weeks apart, then 2nd teeth 2 weeks later, again 2 weeks apart...

I thought I would blog this so I can always come back and look it up when I do the Tooth Emergence Study.

Happy 22nd Birthday Jessica
(a very special niece who was one of our flower girls)

Flashback Friday ...goodbye to my Dad

Two years on a Friday ... though it was 26th August our world was rocked by the sudden death of my dear father. He had a successful bone marrow transplant for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.One of his five brothers were a match. It was battle to get through that. He spend a week or more in ICU. He came home and was going back for blood tests. He had to be readmitted for minor complications in mid August.

He was actually in hospital with an infection caused by graft vs host, and also been having blood/platelet transfusions.Then he caught some bug ... had gastro type symptoms ..his bowel broke down suddenly in middle of the night and there was nothing they could do. They kept him alive barely.

They called my mum in around 7.30am because he had a bad turn and she called me ... not to say he was dying but that she was going down to see him. We had had these calls before. She hadn't been for a few days because she had a cold.Dad was still on infectious precautions protocols (whole Haematology ward always is). They said to come anyway ... I rang myself and the RN put me onto the Dr ... so I understood the situation was bad but not grave. I left immediately.

I waited outside ICU for Mum to arrive. Then we got the tap on the shoulder and were motioned into a conference room ... four of them ... two Drs, Social worker (I think) and Chaplain type person. The Dr explained that though Dad was alive (back in ICU) there was nothing they could do and the ventilator was keeping him alive. He had a cardiac arrest because he massive bowel infection (hole in bowel had burst). I was thankful I had chosen to go with mum that day. They were waiting to turn it off... but they gave us time to call the family in.

I am so grateful they did ... Mum and I went to see Dad and wait.He was in ICU private room -peaceful and 'sleeping' ... we called my brother , sister, Matt, my Dad's sister and brother, mum's sister and two brothers, partners, cousins, and a few close friends ... in the end we had about 15 people there to say goodbye. It was very,very emotional.

I was also nearing the end of my two week wait.I had last seen my Dad the day of my frozen embryos transfer. It was by chance we saw them in the main corridor at Westmead Hospital. If you don't know WM is 6 levels , 4 or more wards per levels and a major teaching hospital. We hadn't discussed IVF with them. We decided if there was disappointment we wanted to deal with ourselves and not burden others.

I hadn't been back to see dad either as I had a little cold and we planned to go that weekend coming. So it was I never got to really say proper goodbyes. We didn't know ... I just hope he knew how much we had loved him. I hope he wasn't alone thinking no one cared those last few days when we didn't go to see him mid week.

We said our final 'goodbyes' and they let Dad go peacefully surrounded by love. Then we went downstairs and I started vomiting. I had a headache too.I had my own car so I had to drive home ... I was vomiting so much,so violently I had to pull over ...I was a mess. Matt drove past saw me stopped and he stopped too. I was then ok to drive home. I hoped that my FET was a success for Dad ... but it was a bust.

My biggest regret I guess was not telling Dad we were TTC (& IVF) after we lost Charlotte. I feel bad for the secrets.In another way it was a good thing because I went to visit Dad more times than I would have otherwise (IVF appointments were there).Life was so busy with work , but since I was there anyway.

Dad shared with us in his last weeks -that he hoped if anything happened, Mum and B would get together.B's wife , a long time friend of my Mum, passed away 6 weeks before from a brain tumour (58). They were all good friends. So they are seeing each other... and I know Dad approved.

I am so sad too Dad didn't get to meet my boys and they him ...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

How alike are your twins ?

Multiple Round Robin August Question: How Alike Are Your Twins

If your babes are identical - how similar do you think they are vs what other people think? If they are fraternal - are they very different or do you find it difficult to differentiate?

S & J are fraternal so of course very different in looks and temperaments -yet many people ask me are they identical. Some can see a difference but a lot can't remember who is who. I guess if one was a girl it would be easier.

S is determined and strong willed.He likes to close doors and bang things. He doesn't get into much mischief yet mainly for lack of chance.Unless you count a bin and beer bottle facination. He gets upset more easily and is less easily distracted when he wants milk he means 'right now' ! S eats very little and loves booby juice. S is determined not to wear hat, bibs and sunglasses and was first to take them off . He likes to crawl into cupboards and squeeze through tight spaces. He was first to sit and roll but is now happy to sit back and watch his brother leap ahead.

J is much more placid, eats everything in sight and then his brothers leftovers. He started 800gm lighter and is now 800gm heavier. J likes to bang things too- (their big brother plays drums).He is slightly shorter and has big round head. He smiles more too. He is more easy going, more patient and will happily wait his turn (most of the time). He lets his brother steal his dummy but now steals it back just as quick.Before he would wait for me to help him. He was first to crawl, first to stand, first to cruise and first to start taking steps.J can ride the baby bike and lift his leg to get on/off. Yet he was one who spent 2 month flat on his back (from almost 4-6months) is a semi rigid Pavlik Harness .So he wasn't first to roll but once it came off didn't take him long. He didn't start breastfeeding till 5 months old (had EBM) but was first to take solids.

Both are very smiley babies and engage smiles of others wherever we go, they high 5 each other now and others. They do really play with each other and follow each other around the house.Stacie (a twin mum) wrote

Supposedly children of this age don’t play with one another, instead they parallel play. That does not appear to be true of my children. I’m assuming it’s a twin thing.

I have to agree sometimes they do parallel play but more often they are playing together, talking (baby talk), squealing and laughing together.Even now 'tugging' the same toy of course when we have others similar nearby but they both want that one. They like to get each others attention as well as mine.

S got his top right tooth first and J his top left . I don't know why this is.

I found this very interesting article on identical twins and another twin mum wrote to me her favourite quote was

“The thing that attracts our curiosity to identical twins is obvious. There is an attraction to seeing life in duplicate and we marvel in how “alike” they are. But the thing that is probably even more amazing is, given the fact that they started life’s journey as a single being, how different they can become.”

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Give us a push ...

Lately with the weather being so lovely we have been going out to have a swing everyday ...while I hang the nappies & clothes on the line.I get my daily exercise...walking and back forth to the swing.

The boys love the swing and so do I. I remember that feeling of carefree swinging , hair flying back and letting it touch the ground ...jumping off mid air (lucky the boys are strapped in).

The dark clouds hovered back and fro all day and I only just rescued my clean and almost dry clothes in the nick of time as the rain tumbled down again.

have a giggle..

A man and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a loud pounding on the door. The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push.
"Not a chance," says the husband. "It is 3 o'clock in the morning." He slams the door and returns to bed.
"Who was that?" asked his wife. "Just some drunk guy asking for a push!"
"Did you help him?" she asks. "No. I did not. It is 3 o'clock in the morning and it is pouring rain outside!"
His wife said, "Can't you remember about three months ago when we broke down and those two guys helped us? You should be ashamed of yourself!"
The man reluctantly gets dressed and goes out into the pouring rain.
He calls out into the dark, "Hello. Are you still there?"
"Yes," comes back the answer.
"Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband.
"Yes! Please!" comes the reply from the darkness.
"Where are you?" asks the husband.

"Over here on the swing!"

Monday, 20 August 2007

Memories ...

Over the last few days I have been thinking how our babies are almost exactly the same age D was when we adopted him. I can't fathom how it can be that he settled into our lives so quickly.

I know S & J know us and even our family - they recognise them and part of me feels sad because of what D has been though. He must have missed them so much and wondered why they disappeared from his life.

We spent about 10 days getting to know him for a few hours nearly everyday first. Being older he was an easy baby and well into a routine (Foster mother wrote 2 pages out for us to follow LOL). She wrote his favourite tricks ... combs & toothbrushes in the toilet.His food likes and his toys.

I still have it and I should use it as an example to scribe the same antics of S & J.*sigh* where does my time go.I always enjoyed reading back over it and it was like my baby bible for a few weeks . Though she attributed a few more tricks than we saw evidence of (obviously a proud FM)

His FF were lovely people with 3 teenagers and much the same age D is. They adored him and he them. The day we were finally leaving they were all crying after having him for 3 months.

S & J love D and they are all smiles when he comes home and they rush up the 'gate' (enclosed play area) to him.

Lucky S & J haven't discovered the toilet here yet ... but they love the bathroom and throwing toys into the empty bath. So I better make sure I shut the door tight now.

Sydney's Soaking start to the week ...

that broke all records - 100 millimetres of rain has fallen in Sydney over the last 24 hours.Though it hasn't seemed that much ~ only 19mm fell over the dam.

I hope it stops by the weekend. I hope the farmers are getting this rain.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

number 66 -yay and Tupperware.

Big woo hoo ! this morning I found my 66th GDUNH icon (don't get too excited nothing EXTREME yet !) So I qualify for Grand Prize drawing.

I like '66.It is a very good vintage.

It has rained almost all day today a steady rain, sometimes heavy and sometimes a light drizzling but we need it.

Tonight, we had the yummiest roast lamb dinner at my Brother's and my Mum made us some delicious choc muffins... and extras to bring home.

Did I mention I love chocolate ?

Late yesterday afternoon I went to a Tupperware party.I was invited impromptu when I saw Lexi shopping in Aldi's Saturday morning .I wasn't that interested in more TW - I have cupboards full of it - my Step Grandmother (complicated) was a very early Tupperware representative so I knew all about it growing up.

I was at a loose end, DH was working late (normally only till 1pm Sat) and I knew the boys would enjoy a little play with C (Lexi's son almost 1yr). I am actually almost same age as L's mum and she has a son 2 months older than S & J. She couldn't make it because he was sick.

I tasted a yummy new pizza idea made in the TW Jello container. It was a bit messy when I made it for dinner but a new trick/treat and healthier.(I HOPE)

I also tasted the Aldi's brownie style biscuits and I was impressed !Try them yourself and see.

when your own Mother ...

doesn't recognise you ...r voice ... OMG how could she not LOL.Mum has been away in Queensland for 1o days -(she got home 6pm last night) so it really could have been anyone ringing to ask her 'how are you ? ' Still.

I have a 'lurgy' - hoarse, sore throatie, nasally voice, cough and bit of laryngitis (plus awful green TMI spitups).Today, I rang my dear Mum and I knew she didn't know who it was from the way she was talking. So I asked her ...'Do you know who I am?' ... she said 'No, my hearing is ...' hestitantly. I asked can you hear the noise in background (...squealing babies) ... "no" then I told her more information and she got it.

Friday the same thing when I rang our business and J answered the phone (she has worked with us for 5-6 years) .I asked was M (my DH ) there because he had called my mobile and I missed the call. I assumed she knew it was me ... but she didn't either... she said "who it is I tell him you called". I told her and she was surprised.

But my mum ... I must sound bad. I feel okay during the day but nights are a PITA. I hate being sick and hope the babies stay clear.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

11.39pm update and my past self

... one more icon to go -actually I have 4 to go - 3 of the extreme sponsors and 1 of the other ... a few of the latter I have already spent hours on .... grrr & *sigh* but still have 12 days

Extreme Sponsors:

Bits for Bots
Cherub's Kiss
Excellence Coaching Solutions
Pookey Pockets

Baby Eco Store
Craft Alley Designs
Cute Tooshies
Nappy Nirvana
Oz Cloth Nappies

My past self ... well I got this email

Dear future self,

I'm reminding you about your stated goal on 43 things, to "Read more".
How's it going?
Your past self

Answer . I have to say YES ... I am reading Harry Potter (latest book) and LOL lots of nappy and other information.

So it is one down on my list of 43 goals...but sadly this list won't be ticked off as quickly as the Nappy hunt one. I have so mnay things I would like to improve it will a one step at a time list.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Flashback Friday ...

Ok I copied this idea from someone else who in turn copied it from someone else ...

The idea is a flashback from the past ... hmmm what can I do ... okay it isn't about me today. One year ago 17/8/06 - I can hardly remember them this small. They were about 6 weeks old .

Jeans for Genes

This is a couple of the photos I took for Jean 4 Genes competiton.This took some doing but both S & J fitted into Daddy's jeans - Sam was most uncooperative and camera shy when I tried single shots of him by himself ! This was just a bit of fun and of course they love D's drum sticks.

I submitted a few (well more than a few) ... and I still can't find the CD of pics Bec took and sent to us . I still have tomorrow.

It is all in the name of fun ...raising.(The t-shirts and jean jewels I bought ~$58 donation to a very worthy cause).I won't use the disposables if we win anyway.
I don't envy the job of the judges trawling through 10,000 photos of very gene-uine cuties to pick ten winners.
A Pair of jeans (hey I should use this one)

I also have some great ideas for another twin photo competition.

Joel, our wonder boy

Joel what can I say about our roly poly, cheeky as a monkey, youngest son. Alway ready to flash his smile and charm everyone in sight.

Tuesday the head ultrasound showed no abnormalities -phew ! A huge sigh of relief. Still we will watch his head circumference and hope it just his big brains giving him a large head (still normal but in 90th % but just that it went from 50th to 90th percentile)
Wednesday he took his first steps well three in a row when we went to visit Tanya and Sonny (11months). He did it again last night to D .He is still unsure of this walking gig and plonks himself back down or lurches forwards.
Thursday a big more worrying because the DMSA scan showed his left kidney function is doing only 35% (normal is 50%) and right kidney is 65% - down from 40% / 60%. His left kidney is smaller (dysplasia) and not growing as much in the 5% percentile. He hasn't had any infetcions we are aware of but they say the next step is a circumcision ? it actually helps prevent infections and that prevents scarrring.The goodnews was he has no scarring.
I am not convinced and we will wait till he has another renal ultrasound in October. The Surgeon said it was a 6 month wait anyway , he should grow of the VCR (kidney reflux) hopefully and won't need surgery for reimplantation (they only this is there is scarring). The Dr assumed we would be public but no way is anyone but a bona fida surgeon touching my little boy's bits -no one is going to practice on him. I will wait and see at the moment. I can't bear the thought of a GA yet.
No more teeth yet but they are pushing the gums up and it won't be long.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

oh what a beautiful day

today was like a day in paradise -if you don't count the stress of getting ready to go out to lunch at my SIL's for my MIL's birthday (tomorrow). Remembering to take everything -including highchairs .... and I still forgot a few things.

The weather was stunning and the food !

We had a lovely outdoor lunch [marinated chicken, baked vegetable salad (onion,capsicum, sweet potato, leek & feta -unusual) and green salad] basking in the dappled sunlight from the surrounding trees and umbrella .The babies were adored and cuddled to bits. Over a little wine and in good company we chatted. BIL announced he wanted to do this [lunch] more often.

Their huge lab 'Sam' - almost bowled the babies over and their little fluffy white one 'Lola' scared Joel. "Sam" oh that's a another story. I knew they had a dog Sam but I forgot when I had my heart set on Samuel. Then one night (when I was pregnant) we were stopped at traffic lights and there were two dogs on the back of a guy's truck. D said "hey that dog is like 'Sam' "and I started laughing ~but didn't care - Dh had never said anything either.The names were a secret between us but I wasn't going to change it.

back to today ... Ella 16 (going on 17) said she wanted to change J's nappy -uh oh ! Dh went to help her (cloth nappies are a bit tricky) .... a few minutes later she comes outside and says "quick Uncle M needs your help".

It was a massive exPOOlosion - over Joel's jeans/socks and all over Dh hands . We took him into the bathroom and sink bathed him - DH spots the toothbrushes on the side of the vanity.We had already been laughing while J was squirming and squealing with all the fuss . He says I should go and ask them "who owns the blue toothbrush -'cause might need a new one" -[they didn't] wicked humour as if we had used it I was doubled over laughing trying to contain my own near flood.I had to go relieve myself - else I need a change of clothes.

Oh did I mention dessert after that ....dessert was chocolate cake , cream and strawberries ... mmmm ! - and apple pie (but I passed on that).

Then at 4.30pm we headed off to another birthday dinner with my school buddies and their husbands and children ( - well young adults 16, almost 18 and 20 -they are both younger than me too). The bonus was the older two girls love S & J so I hardly saw them . Another full dinner {steak and salad and dessert - pavlova shells filled with choc mousse and strawberries} and just lucky the BF is keeping it off my thighs and other places.

Sunday night we usually have dinner with my family ~ brother/SIL,2 nieces,nephew and my Mum ... but Mum is off having a little holiday in Queensland . Another one without me ! I wish I was there LOL. Everyone else is having holidays except me.

Happy 76th Birthday to PT ... for tomorrow.

I have finally finished our BAS ... well need to submit it online tomorrow, then I can devote more time to nappy hunt. Yay !

A Horrid night ...then a better one *wink*

Friday night -I had planned to go out to Kids clothing party.Just when I was about to leave, I had just been feeding Joel,I noticed white welts and red marks on his hand and fingers.Some kind of insect ? bites. So I didn't go just in case !

He was okay after a bath and we thought - maybe ants.Since we have a lot of food on the floor LOL.

Later, we learnt that teething challenges your sanity and sleep. I went to bed late ... after doing a few nappy hunt searches.Around midnight the boys both woke ... and screamed while I showered did my teeth etc. Then they fed and never settled. One or both cried -(I mean screamed) on and off and I knew it was their teeth ... the ones we can't see yet. J's bites were a red dot and okay by now.

Sam was the worse - he thrashed about ,side to side and fed on/off and screamed. J joined in but seemed to follow up loudly whenever Sam started up again and again. Twin surround STEREO but no on/off switch. Dh got up to get Panadol and Bonjela. We got some in but they still didn't go off quietly. It was after 2.30-3am before they finally settled with a few more cries till morning but we all managed a little sleep at least.

We woke to see Sam's new (2nd)top left tooth poking through his gum ...

Saturday night we armed ourselves with Panadol and Bonjela before bed at 8pm - and they settled in their cots. At 11pm we finally go to bed, and the bed to ourselves for the first time in weeks. Usually they wake before I get to bed and are then in bed with DH already. It was nice to cuddle up with my almost sleeping and very tired husband. Usually we are too tired to ... but tonight was an exception. I think I should try to go bed earlier more often *wink*.[I will add that to my 43 things -more on this to follow in next week]

^sigh^ (shrugging shoulders) Dh said he is used to falling asleep waiting for me -I feel very guilty but I need my late night 'quiet time' to blog, read other blogs and forum posts. I have hardly even had time for any of that lately.

Anyway they slept a little better last night or we were so tired we didn't notice ! I know I wake to feed them in my sleep but barely.

Friday, 10 August 2007

I found a new twin blog

twinkies - a new blog site and I think it is fun - this one has links to breastfeeding -sorry I know that many wonderful mums would still be breastfeeding if they could be.I don't want to upset or offend anyone. She also has some very encouraging comments.

Her twins are so cute and about same age as S & J. They do same things while feeding too.

See twinkles site further down for a mother nursing her sextuplets and read the nutritional benefits of breastmilk for 12- 24 months.

I found a pagefull of blogs now ...some are twin ones ~ ah inspiration and lessons to be learnt.

I just found another with twin boys almost the same age as S & J -Double Delight (corrected DOB was 31st July)

Some useless Trivia for you - 31st July is Harry Potter's birthday.

Joel's 1st tooth - woohoo or boo hoo

last Sunday on my daily tooth (or gum) feel I saw a slit in Joel's gums - this morning the tiniest bit of tooth is poking through. It is top left tooth (Sam's is top right) - freaky ! S was the twin on my right and J on my left.

He is not happy ! and being a 'needy' clingon.

My Brother inlaw has twin brothers (non identical) and one is left handed and one right - at the moment both use both hands equally. I willw ait and see what hands out !

How Handedness Happens

There are many theories as to why people display a preference for
one hand over the other. One theory projects that position in the womb
determines handedness. The ear that faces out of the womb receives the most
input and stimulates development of the coordinating side of the brain. This
would explain handedness in twins, since they're likely to lie in opposing
directions in the womb.

On The Other Hand

While that's interesting, it doesn't fully satisfy the issue, because it doesn't hold true
for all babies. Another theory also postulates that prenatal experience
influences handedness, explaining that increased levels of testosterone exposure
in the womb decreases development of the left hemisphere of the brain. That
would explain the higher incidences of left handedness in males, but also among
multiples, since hormone levels are increased during pregnancy with

Magicalls and Sam likes to 'Ski'

Oh how could I forget I got my new nappies Magicalls from Baby Beehinds today - hand delivered fluffy mail that the lovely nappy fairy - Jenny left on my doorstep ... I didn't hear her knocking.I was either changing or squirting some awfully Sh***y nappies LOL.

They are woeful at the moment - someone mentioned teething poos but hey I don't know.

I just hope they fit ... S has lost a little weight or scales are wrong at hospital 9.7kg and J was 10.4 last week.

On the bright side I discovered S likes a bit of low fat Vanilla Ski yoghurt. I will have to try him on full fat Ski though ... he still gags on Jalna (or spits it everywhere).

Thursday, 9 August 2007

1 year,1 month,1 week,1 day

old... is the age my babies are today (well on my American ticker LOL) and I only just realised it. Where has the time gone.

Once again I can't believe it has been 6 days since I last blogged. It has been a very BUSY week.
The boys have been having low to high temperatures on different days.They are still well but 'needy' and I can't escape them anymore they come to me and hang off my legs. Both wanting me - first !

Sam's tooth is coming down more and both his and Joel's other teeth are closer.

Saturday night we shared dinner with some friends I made post Charlotte ... at support group. Coincidentally they both lost daughters ~Annelise~ & ~Ella~ at 26 weeks in different years .They were both pregnant when I first met them and their adorable & cheeky cherubs are now 2.5 and almost 3yrs. All lovely kids. They gave me hope in a way that good things happen in subsequent pregnancies. It was a good night and Dearne's Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel sauce was delicious.

Sunday we checked out the church (in the school auditorium) up the road, Yippee 1 minute drive.It was very friendly- even Ds(14) was impressed and he doesn't like our other church at all. He is asking tonight are we going this week.

Monday was Playgroup ...all set up for us in the fabulous sunshine outside. TW still had the key because I wasn't there last week and had delegated opening and closing to her.

It is always a laugh and something yummy to eat ...ooopps there goes our diet. After a late finish -12.30pm and a trip back home to put my nappies on the line they decided to go for a late lunch at the Macquarie Arms (a very old Pub with a deep cellar ). It was nice way to start the week.

Tuesday night we met F & D (rhyming names) who lost their precious son , Noah over Easter and he was born still @ 25wks. Very similar to my story. They came to pick up some Teddy Love Club teddies which I am temporary guardian of.They were bought from our recent fundraising. Soon they will be on their way to hospitals across Sydney and NSW ... sadly into the arms of bereaved parents ... as a bittersweet memory

An Angel in the book of life,
Wrote down your baby’s birth.
And whispered,
As He closed the book ,
Too beautiful for this earth.

We know that nothing can ever take
away your pain or mend your broken
heart. This teddy has been sent to you
from another bereaved family who
wants you to know you are not alone.
We truly hope this teddy bear brings
you some comfort to ease the pain of
leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Wednesday we had a 4pm followup appointment with Paed Neurologist (at Children's hosp clinic) for S and all is going well. Dr W was very impressed with Sam's sexy Dalmatian modern cloth nappy - he had never seen one before. He also checked J over too - because we still aren't 100% he doesn't have the genetic disorder too.*sigh* but at least we checking and I got to 23yrs before I self diagnosed myself. I have only a few things that worry (or don't) me.

Then I went to Homebush to a computer store to buy a new drum image cartridge for our printer. A not easily obtainable one ... and it was fun trying to find the place in the dark and in unfamiliar territory. I was a bit scared though it was only 6pm and worried I might get mugged or someone would steal the babies. (yes paranoid in my new middle name).

The lady from the store was fantastic ... I rang 4 times to get directions and make sure they were staying open till I got there. I can't say the same for the road raging drivers who refuse to let people change lanes when it is obvious traffic is at a standstill and if someone is indicating from a right lane over to the left approaching a major intersection they must need to DO IT ! GGRRR ! I still did it a few times - my car is bigger than yours loser !

I only got lost once and DH set me straight ...(then the kind lady) thank you God for mobile phones -the hotline to heaven isn't much good when you are lost in Sydney or rather unsure of directions.I think I should put in a Christmas order for a NAVman.

The Nappy hunt is on and I haven't even had much time to hunt ... boo hoo. I am supposed to be doing the quarterly BAS (tax) but very hard when the babies are awake and when both are sleeping less.

Happy Birthday to Dearne for Monday 6th , and Lily (1) and Kerry 8th (my twin friend).
I am blogging birthdays so I can make a reminder calendar. It is on my to do list !

Friday, 3 August 2007

Genes for Jeans

Today was Jeans for Genes day ...and today it means more to me than ever. S has a genetically inherited disease. So do I and other members of my extended family.

It is extremely variable - and there is so much more unknown but we live pretty normal lives albeit with more medical appointments and treatments/surgery when things come up. So it was important to support this cause ...

helping today’s scientist for tomorrow’s children.

I hope they will help S and my future grandchildren. We are entering the Huggies Jeans for Genes competition too. Just for fun ... and I know already we have tough competition in two certain adorable twins and there extremely talented photographer mum.

My niece took a few shots on the weekend but only with our Jean jewels on. I have more to upload with the Gene ius t shirts ...

Big Day Out 2 ... !

August 2nd, Joel had another followup appointment at Kids hospital for his VUR (vesicoureteric reflux or kidney reflux) and because when his blood pressure was routinely checked a few times it was in higher range we made an earlier appointment. He has one kidney slightly smaller than the other too with reduced function 40/60.

I park in Parramatta Park because 1) parking is easier and 2) I am a cheap ... 3hrs for $12 NO way ! .30 It takes me a 10 point turn to park in the tight spaces. As well the twin pram is precariously left in the narrow 'carriageway' where cars are whizzing past and always have to leave one while I get the other.

I decided to change their nappies before we walked up to hospital. S had exploded out of his nappy -argh ! I knew I shouldn't have trusted the disposable.The first he had worn in a month or more -but at least I could chuck it in the bin. Next - couldn't find the nappy wipes UH OH !

The value of one clean hankie and a water bottle - PRICELESS !

Two pregnant women walking past to keep an eye on boys while I dashed to the loo to wash my hands and relieve myself -also PRICELESS !

Being a 9am appointment they were only 30 mins late [better than the day they were 1.5 hrs late with two screamers]. Negotiating the columns, bins, rows of chairs , other peoples prams and out stretched legs is always a challenge but we got in the door.

The Dr ordered another DMSA scan -he was due for one anyway.

DMSA stands for dimercaptosuccinic acid, a compound which
concentrates in the kidney after intravenous injection. Before injection, this
compound is radioactively labelled with technetium, which can be detected by a
gamma camera.The dose of radiation is quite small and the short half-life of
technetium means it is out of the child’s system after about 24

2. What information can a DMSA scan provide?
DMSA scans are most commonly used in the follow-up of children who have had a
UTI because they are able to detect both acute pyelonephritis and renal
scarring. Scars are areas that are not well perfused and thus do not take up the
radioactive isotope and appear as defects on the scan.

So we went to book in and they said we can do it today. Last time we had to wait a month.We waited about 30mins while they prepared the injection ($500 worth I heard the lady tell another parent but medicare paid).Then after J has his IV injection he had to wait over 3.5 hrs before the scan. We went shopping of course. Nothing exciting though.

Parramatta is huge and I hate the car park. I wasn't sure on the car height to go in .I had to ring DH and check. He wasn't sure - so I waited until he checked and rang me back. Of course he rang a back just as I saw another car the same as ours going in to car park. The three hours went quickly and both boys were over it by the time we had to get back in the car, drive to the park and walk back to hospital.

J screamed most of the scan - stripped off , swaddled in blanket and strapped down.It doesn't hurt but it was very hot and claustrophobic. S screamed too because he wanted to be BF and wanted out of the pram -which I was able to do once J was on the pallet and in the tunnel. But quickly because I had to soothe poor J's cries. It was over and we were out in 30 mins.

Now we have another VUR appointment in 2 weeks to see the progress.

I left home st 7.45am and got home at 5.30pm. The last hour was to pickup something I won on eBay ($5.50 toy) .Normally a 15 min trip turned into 45mins ... and 15 mins return.The traffic was so bad . I can't imagine driving in it everyday.

It wasn't too bad but I never got to open (I mean let alone read) my new Harry Potter book again.The babies were charming everyone again all day ... and before we left we went next door to the Children's Medical Research Institute to buy our Genes for Jeans Day . That took a while because the receptionist was handling the phones.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Big Day Out ...nappies and Due date birthday !

Today, we had a big day out ... after a bad start ... first a heap of traffic and then I missed the exit off the motorway.I had to go down through to the next toll / exit and then do a U turn and go back ... oh about 20kms round trip maybe. The whole day was 350kms.

I was daydreaming because last time I got it right.A quick (3) call to my Dh set me back on track.

But onto our special day spent in the most pleasant company of our special friends Tiff, Noah & Ivy .We got to see the big kids too for a short while. Sam & Joel love the big kids and save their biggest smiles for them.

Noah & Ivy are two very special cherubs and they are just adorable. To see them blossoming after the challenges of being a 30wk prem. I first knew about 'them' just over 2 years ago ...when they were but two tiny heartbeats.That day was magic. I was so privileged to share their journey into this wonderful world.

It was great to see their new tricks and talents. They are a testimony to their parents and siblings nurturing and love. Noah was so gentle with the boys. Ivy was still smiling and friendly even though she has been very sick the past week ... no wonder they are so proud of both of them.

It was a perfect, lazy day, in the sunshine, on deck with a view, to chill out(but not as in cold ~ it was warm and beautiful) , chomp some Cadbury chocolate with a cuppa and chat. Plus we had yummiest veggie soup for lunch.

It was great to catch up and admire Tiff's new nappies -oops I really mean N & I's new nappy stash ... oh I just love the feel and smell of fresh nappies (hehe not the smell of a full one). *blush* She even gave me two Berry Plush ... now that's a true friend (but I really didn't want to take them off her)! She has a collection that would be the envy of many a clothie.

Sometimes you find a really special friend and there is nothing better ... unless it is a good friend with chocolate. Seriously, I am so thankful for our friendship.

PS Happy Birthday Zoe ... my cyber friend in Queensland who we met up with on holidays in March ...

1st August was also my official Due Date for 40weeks (though twins are always born earlier )... so S & J are really 1 year old today in terms of human gestation ! OMG I still can't believe they are one.