Saturday, 25 August 2007

Happy Birthday (s)...& an anniversary

Happy 1st Birthday to Holly Jade
(my maternal cousin Katie's daughter)
Happy 9th Birthday to Sharni
(my paternal cousin's Jo'S daughter)
Today we celebrated, at Nurragingy Reserve, Holly's 1st birthday with family and friends. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time. Holly was gorgeous dressed as a little fairy.

Sharni was there too but we celebrate her birthday tomorrow, she lives with her grandfather (my uncle ~ too long a story).Her mother passed away 4 years ago. She has had a very rough life but tomorrow we hope she has a special day. For a short time we fostered S (4 years ago for 3 wks) with a long term intention but unfortunately due to circumstances outside our control it wasn't to be.

Finally ... 18 years ago on Saturday 26th August Matt & I celebrated our official engagement with family & friends . Gee is seems a lifetime ago and for Miss Sarah it is ...

Happy 18th Birthday to Sarah (26th August)

Sarah is the beautiful daughter of Wendy, (one of my best friends from school) ... W couldn't make to the engagement party because she was in labour. Sarah is the loveliest young woman and has plans to work with special needs children. While still at school & doing her HSC she has completed a TAFE course learning Auslan (sign lauguage).

We send you all , our best wishes and lots of love. Hope the year ahead sees all your dreams come true.