Friday, 24 August 2007

The tooth report ... update

Joel's 2nd tooth ...just found it !

Now Sam & Joel have both cut their top front teeth first ... bottom teeth are usually first I am told and earlier usually before 1yr.

Sam ~ top right (27th July -@ 12 months corrected ~since teeth eruption wouldn't be chronologically related i.e they are actually almost 13 months)
Joel ~ top left (Aug 10th)
Sam ~top left (Aug 11th)
Joel ~ top right (Aug 24th)

so both got first teeth about 2 weeks apart, then 2nd teeth 2 weeks later, again 2 weeks apart...

I thought I would blog this so I can always come back and look it up when I do the Tooth Emergence Study.

Happy 22nd Birthday Jessica
(a very special niece who was one of our flower girls)