Friday, 14 July 2017

Cancer Diaries , the Mirror and the Cape.

It's been a long time between posts. Life is very busy.

When I look in the mirror I sometimes don't recognise the face staring back at me .
Looking - my life , my eyes wide open , I see how incredibly wonderful it is. I have very high anxiety due to cancers but I manage.

Yes , I get very scared at times but I have learned how to worry less. I pray, I love, I laugh and when the scary creeps in ...

Breath by breath, day at a time. Till my next followup appointment in 7 days.

I've been doing an immense amount of reading about building yourself up and moving forward , not dwelling on the negative; about taking chances and using my cancer diagnosis to build a better life for myself and help other people.

I still struggle with my self-image and looking in mirror definitely brings me down. Not to mention bed hair or hat hair.

“Mirror mirror on the wall. I'll always get up after I fall and whether I run, walk or crawl, I'll set my goals and achieve them all."

Yes, I signed up for two fundraising events - 

Cancer Council NSW

Children's Tumour Fdn

I always feel extremely humbled by the the generosity of not only my family, friends and blogging colleagues but complete strangers who are so willing to give in my name for the research into Cancer and NF.

I am participating in Mega Hero March to raise $$$ to continue to research 'cures' and support those afflicted by NF. Especially for our son Sam.

NO really it's all about the CAPE !

Neurofibromatosis can be a devastating condition. It has no cure. I have NF, as does my son. We are not the only ones in our extended family with this condition.

NF is a genetic condition which causes tumours to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at anytime.

Living with a very visible difference can be challenge. You can’t always hide it. Among other things learning issues, disfiguring tumours and extreme nerve pain can also be problematic for those with the condition.

Because NF causes benign tumours to grow anywhere in the body -sometimes they turn malignant and I had a rare malignant (cancer) sarcoma in 2014 and a few benign tumours removed.

On the whole my NF is quite mild in comparison (others in my family have been much more affected) except for the very rare malignant tumour.The Children's Tumour Foundation helps all of us lead better lives.

This is in 2 weeks , the City to surf for the Cancer Council is in 4 weeks. So more on that later.

Now my daily step goal is 12,000 steps !

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can -click on the link before - then use the 'Give Now' button.
$5 or $10 it all adds up - don't be shy every $ counts. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Taking stock : Outward Bound

It's been a while and I'm today I'm taking stock ...

Making : Soup - Pumpkin is my favourite.
Cooking : just DIVINE Banana and Walnut Bread
Drinking : Copious cups of tea because I'm going wine free Mon to Friday 5pm wine o clock.
Reading: Jackie French's To Love a Sunburnt Country 
Wanting: Rissotto for dinner - but it's not happening.
Looking: Endlessly for missing school uniform items and soccer gear.Every. Damn.Day.
Playing: with Fidget spinners
Wasting: Time
Sewing: Up Holes in the sleeping bag
Wishing: Someone would come and do my sewing
Enjoying: Winter sunshine in Cloud 9 hanging chair
Waiting: For Outward Bound Women of Courage 
Liking: Starting potential new friendships with other families who have the same genetic disorder as I do - Family support group
Wondering: Why I didn't do it earlier
Loving: Balance and bodyawareness exercises.
Hoping: It's not too cold in Canberra next week for the Outward Bound 'Women of Courage' 6 day trek - Namagbi National Park near Canberra ..bbrrrrr
Marvelling: That almost 5yrs has passed since my Breast Cancer diagnosis.
Needing: A holiday ... we booked a Cruise for November.
Listening: To Outlander series on audible audio books.
Wearing: gym gear with hiking boots because it reminds me to keep moving.
Following: 6 Exercises everyone must do
Noticing: More grey hairs
Knowing: if I want I have to go faster - I must 25 ways to run faster - 
Thinking: I might go for another walk.
Bookmarking: 24 diagrams that make healthy eating easy
Opening: Wine in 3 hrs
Feeling: Pain from group classes at the gym.
Giggling: A mother's justice

Taking Stock is Thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Must stop sabotaging myself !

Can you believe two choc hot cross buns (not even hot nor toasted) when I got home from shopping and a sausage sandwich,1/2 can coke from Bunnings before that !

I was volunteering at the time for the Scouts. I hardly ever drink Coke.

My goals this week are 
  1. Eat healthy for the day week rather than just till lunch time. 
  2. Make time to get out for a couple of early morning runs again - including a fabulous opportunity to train with Jane Fardell in our local women's running group.
  3. Stretch
  4. My ongoing 30 burpees a day
  5. Cycling three times (including the She Rides session Monday)
  6. Finish Get started at least ... all our 2016 tax returns (two personal /farm and our Business)
  7. Book a Cruise
  8. Circumstances conspired with my son having an eye injury and being off school almost 3 weeks - so I missed my usual group gym classes. No more excuses, back to it this week.
  9. No Facebook after 9pm
  10. In bed by 10pm (with reading time)
Update : Day 2/30 = 60 Burpees in the tank (very slow and with rest breaks)
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