Monday, 12 November 2018

Hunt and Peck

Can you touch type ?
Not me , not really.

I'm more of two-three hunt and finger pecker.

This is my grandfather's first typewriter.
I remember being given this at 21 years old. Not so much to use but keep.
I own it and it still works.

I'm quite fast as a finger pecker.
However - I've been inspired to give touch typing a go for 30 days or longer.
Brain training and all that.

After 3 days of 30 mins or more, I can feel and see a basic improvement.

Pathetically slow but mostly accurate.

They recommend that. Master accuracy before speed.

This is the program I'm using. It breaks it down simply and keeps a record of my progress. Sam tells me he has an account from school , but he wasn't using it properly when I checked him.

After I master the skill - it will be the task of the twins to learn over the school holidays in preparation for Yr7. 

Yeah I know, like weren't they just starting school the other day. I remember the excitement and anticipation.

It starts again ... orientation letter arrived today 27th November.

Monday, 15 October 2018

'Tully' - my mother told me don't run with scissors in your hand

Hello, it's been a while.

I've had busy six-seven months.
Squeezing in a six-week overseas holiday that I didn't even blog about.
Almost, four weeks in USA and then 2 weeks in Italy.
Working and parenthood, it's not easy.
Attending new courses for volunteering and advocacy with the Cancer Council and Encore training.

Florence, Italy was for 2018 IBCPC PARTICIPATORY DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL - a sporting event and above all a social occasion which welcomed 4,000 to 5,000 people from all over the world. Mostly women, breast cancer survivors participants in Dragon Boat races, paddling together on the Arno. Many accompanied by their friends and family, their faithful and enthusiastic supporters.
Another bunch of stories for another day.

Due to my flight arrangements, I was traveling onto Italy and they home, I was not booked a seat near my hubby and sons.

At all, unless I changed seats. I did once or twice.
A win against the whining ...
I didn't have anyone to talk to (or fights to referee)

So I had about 10 flights, many long hauls. The opportunity to watch many movies, uninterrupted.
New release movies, so many hours to pass and I have never watched so many in my life.
I missed a few film endings. Some I caught again.

'Tully' was one of the ones I was enjoying when the pilot shut down the in-flight entertainment for announcements and getting ready to land.

Now, I was totally hooked on Tully and had yet to reach, what I know now is the "big twist".

Tully, is a film about motherhood or parenthood. Part comedy, charming with the focus on fine-tuning motherhood or not ...

I knew nothing of what was to come.

When I was asked if I wanted to review Tully - of course, I said, 'I missed the ending .'

I didn't get to follow it up because I've also been away 4-5 weekends since I returned in mid-July.

Writing a few thoughts about a film like Tully, the crux being a significant plot twist which calls into question the events leading up to it and the entire movie was a challenge.

How do I describe Tully, only summarizing 'her' plot and not reveal anything?
Of its climax!

 'Marlo (Charlize Theron), a mother of two - heavily pregnant with #3 is gifted a night nanny by her brother (Mark Duplass). Hesitant to accept the extravagance, she comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging young nanny, Tully (Mackenzie Davis).'
We all know the palpable truths about new motherhood that are unassailable. The bone-deep exhaustion, the breastfeeding, the pumping anxiety, the mess, the never-ending struggle to find a 'balance' and still sparkle. ie. make the class cupcakes.

In comes Tully, a free-spirited 20 something to rescue Marlo and baby Mia, a friend in a time of need. Drew, the clueless husband exists in the background, playing video games with his headphones, and simply heedless.

I could really identify with all the deep themes of postpartum motherhood and the twist well'll find out for yourself. It's unique and quirky. It's funny, fantasy and it's the truth.

I can say at the end of the movie, Drew has his own awakening - actual 'co-parenting' with Mia's care and sharing Marlo’s earbuds while helping her cook dinner.

What did your mother tell you?
Does your partner co-parent?

Friday, 23 March 2018

Still wondering - The Wonder Years

Still here
And there.

I wonder where I put my car keys ?
(the joy of electronic ignition is short lived when you can't find keys to lock the car because the key is buried somewhere - we don't lock the car at home)

I wonder if I took my pills ?
(I didn't )
I wonder why I came into this room ?
Several times a day

I wonder when my Dr's appointment is ?
(with which Dr)
I wonder where I put my glasses ?
20 times a day - now I need reading glasses when i wear my contact lens or take off my own prescription glasses to read

I wonder why I said that ?
What was the question?

I wonder if I paid the power bill ?
Fixed that with auto pay ...but is there enough money in the account ?

I wonder why it is so hot in here ?
Hot flushes oh the joy 

I wonder why my jeans have shrunk ?
Still shrinking - everything.

I wonder what the speed limit is ?
My car no longer tells me

I wonder if that police officer was looking at me ?
My husband was certainly wondering when the flashing lights came up behind him last week ... it wasn't him but he was worried

I wonder why my days are swallowed up at a time (all this wondering for a start)?
Lazy FB addict 

I wonder why I put that or this there ?
yes ...moving on

I wonder why the 'things' that I am wondering where I put them, are found only the day after I needed them or 10 mins after I buy a new one ?
Seriously annoying.

I wonder if I replied to that email ?
...better check

I wonder if I locked the door ?
I don't even have house keys

wonder if I turned the iron off ?
If I don't it goes to sleep

I wonder why weight loss doesn’t have to involve countless hours sweating the kilojoules off ?

I wonder if half an hour of kissing can really help you burn in excess of 126 kilojoules ?

Great , so I wonder if to lose 1 kg of body fat in a week and you need to burn an additional 37,000 kJ, the maths how long do you have to kiss to lose a few kilos?
Didn't test it 

I wonder if this gets you both in the mood - could you could boost your kilojoule burn with extra physical activity in the bedroom ? # see below
I wondered enough so I goggled it and a 30 minute sex session could account for around 600 kilojoules.
Not happening

I wonder why everything hurts ?
Every day

I wonder what this is growing in my Tupperware container ?
It was celery I bought for juicing ...not composting.

I wonder why I can't follow the google maps unless it is the right way up ?
No change

I wonder why everyone asks me where I put their "things" ?
As if I know

I wonder how I spell that word ?
Google my friend.

I wonder why things are so unfair sometimes ?
There is no sense in all the suffering.

I wonder why I can't make my mind up ?

I wonder if I should buy that ?
Why I spent at least 30 mins a day adding things to shopping carts I don't buy.

I wonder if I should have dessert ?
Yes please ...

Every day I continue to embrace the wonder years .

What do you wonder ?

When I told my husband about the bedroom activity - he said I wonder how they test these things out ...