Tuesday 3 August 2021

Not sure am I , of anything

Can you believe my blog is still at top of Google ...well in name only.

Or maybe I'm just a winner in my own lane.

I'm still hanging around bloggers and social media influencers.

I count many as dear friends and dear online acquaintances. I hope you are well.

Why am I here ?

Not sure am I , of anything . BUT I can tell you about #steppinguptobreastcancer.

This year I've already lost three real-life friends to METASTIC Breast Cancer - I know of many others - every day a few Facebook groups makes an announcement that someone has grown their wings.

Another dear friend had a close call in last 2-3 weeks but she is slowly coming back stronger. No-one knows, but she believes she has a year.
A week in the base hospital and then 2-3 weeks or so in palliative care ward has seen her grow stronger again. I hope for her sake she is right. Hope is a powerful thing.

I've watched many of my friends endure chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hair loss, and synthetic wigs on first diagnosis ... and then again, and again.

During my own treatment, I leant on many for strength and hope, just as much as they've leant on me. 

Many survivors get to 5yrs or beyond. Then the 'beast' or "bitch" that is metastatic cancer, returns - then treatment never ends - till the end.

They stay in living limbo, 'palliative care' while there is so much to live for.
Trying everything to beat the disease or at the very least buy more time. Time to love and make memories with their tween and teenage children, a husband and their extended families.

Too many women are dying, far too young from Metastatic - aka Terminal aka stage 4 aka Advanced Breast cancer. It is not the curable disease many think it is.

Lately, I have been struggling with the reality of what BC did to them and is doing to them.

I know the money raised for National Breast Cancer Foundation will support research to ease the suffering of metastatic ( and even other cancer treatments) and also bring hope for a cure.

I'm committing to 10,000 steps a day for August. If I can raise awareness and a few $

In this time of Covid money is tight and I don't expect that everyone can donate, or even spare a few coins.

Ongoing research is the only way we can improve our understanding of how breast cancer originates, grows and spreads, in order to develop tests, treatments and interventions to improve outcomes for people with the disease.

So far I have raised $20.80 but I would love your help to raise more.

Please visit https://fundraise.nbcf.org.au/fundraisers/trishtaylor and make your tax-deductible donation to help fund the future of research.

Please Help Me
Reach My Goal

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. This year 20,825 Australians will be diagnosed. That is why I have stepped up to the challenge to help fund the future of research and change these stats.

Helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation take one step closer to reaching their goal of Zero Deaths From Breast Cancer by 2030.

YOU can make a difference. Or let me know if you want to Step Up to Breast Cancer with me!