Friday, 10 August 2007

Joel's 1st tooth - woohoo or boo hoo

last Sunday on my daily tooth (or gum) feel I saw a slit in Joel's gums - this morning the tiniest bit of tooth is poking through. It is top left tooth (Sam's is top right) - freaky ! S was the twin on my right and J on my left.

He is not happy ! and being a 'needy' clingon.

My Brother inlaw has twin brothers (non identical) and one is left handed and one right - at the moment both use both hands equally. I willw ait and see what hands out !

How Handedness Happens

There are many theories as to why people display a preference for
one hand over the other. One theory projects that position in the womb
determines handedness. The ear that faces out of the womb receives the most
input and stimulates development of the coordinating side of the brain. This
would explain handedness in twins, since they're likely to lie in opposing
directions in the womb.

On The Other Hand

While that's interesting, it doesn't fully satisfy the issue, because it doesn't hold true
for all babies. Another theory also postulates that prenatal experience
influences handedness, explaining that increased levels of testosterone exposure
in the womb decreases development of the left hemisphere of the brain. That
would explain the higher incidences of left handedness in males, but also among
multiples, since hormone levels are increased during pregnancy with