Friday, 31 August 2007

Twin tricks ...

I feel like I have only been posting sadness ... when really our sons bring us so much joy. I am in awe of how blessed we are to have them. So an update on what brings smiles to our dials...

This week we discovered S can climb on the lounge and teeter on the edge on his knees, or stand up and lean over the back.He can climb into the Little Tikes car and seat himself. He can reach so many more things and he is a great tissue dispenser. He is beginning to understand when we say give it to mummy ... he crawls away as fast as he can or cruises along the furniture.He is getting the hang of the moving the little bike with his feet and he loves us racing in the Little Tikes cars.

J - well he is mastering the art of walking more every day and reaching things he we didn't know he could and pull them down. He can't climb onto the lounge but he is trying hard. He also has mastered the art (first) of pulling out 200 tissues from the box (in 20 seconds) , and is a very good paper shredder. J is already a master at foot power on the baby bike. He can get on/off well. He also loves racing the cars. His newest word is 'gone' -complete with hand actions (open palms).

Both discovered the TV buttons within hours of each other and they happily play channel surf - it is a male thing ! They can always find the remote - when I can't ! Yet the TV doesn't interest them much.

They are really good friends most of the time -unless S is taking J's paci to get a rise out of him (and he does). Sometimes J will snatch it back and crawl away, other times he starts hollering loudly and I know I need to egt it quick! I need the pacifier it keeps me sane.

They are growing up and while I love it I also feel a bit sad that my babies are growing too fast , they are almost 'toddlers' now.Thank goodness they won't go to school till they are 5.5 yrs.

This weekend we will toddler proof the house a little more stringently and safely.

S already has a big bruise on his head from playgroup ... we were outside enjoying the weather when I went to another mums car to get some toys she donated. As I came back inside I was greeted by T holding S saying we have a huge problem here ... an egg sized lump on Sam's right brow. I am not sure what happened but somehow he fell onto the paved area outside (? from a kneeling/crawling position).

I didn't panic, lucky I had my ice pack and magic (.) milk.I put the pack on the head and the breast did the rest to calm him. The lump reduced and there was just a big bruise.

I observed him carefully over the next few hours (using my nursing experience) and 'nursed' him when asleep just to make sure. He was fine thankfully. I know it won't be the last knock he gets but I can do without them.

Oh, I think J has a new tooth today...a bottom one - but the little b*gger screams every time I try to get a proper feel. I can feel their teeth every now and then, when they feed now and they start playing around.I am glad they are old enough that I can tell them it hurts and will if they continue.

This week was a pretty quiet one, though we had a play date with Cameron (1 today) yesterday and Sonny (11.5 months) today ... the first time in ages. S & J love their little friends and hope with warm weather everyone will get outdoors a bit more. We also saw C again at the Bay bee cino demo ... and we bought the Motorcycle Velours for next winter and some pram hooks. It was gorgeous stuff but sadly not much use to me *sigh*.

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron
(we can't wait till your party next week)