Sunday, 19 August 2007

number 66 -yay and Tupperware.

Big woo hoo ! this morning I found my 66th GDUNH icon (don't get too excited nothing EXTREME yet !) So I qualify for Grand Prize drawing.

I like '66.It is a very good vintage.

It has rained almost all day today a steady rain, sometimes heavy and sometimes a light drizzling but we need it.

Tonight, we had the yummiest roast lamb dinner at my Brother's and my Mum made us some delicious choc muffins... and extras to bring home.

Did I mention I love chocolate ?

Late yesterday afternoon I went to a Tupperware party.I was invited impromptu when I saw Lexi shopping in Aldi's Saturday morning .I wasn't that interested in more TW - I have cupboards full of it - my Step Grandmother (complicated) was a very early Tupperware representative so I knew all about it growing up.

I was at a loose end, DH was working late (normally only till 1pm Sat) and I knew the boys would enjoy a little play with C (Lexi's son almost 1yr). I am actually almost same age as L's mum and she has a son 2 months older than S & J. She couldn't make it because he was sick.

I tasted a yummy new pizza idea made in the TW Jello container. It was a bit messy when I made it for dinner but a new trick/treat and healthier.(I HOPE)

I also tasted the Aldi's brownie style biscuits and I was impressed !Try them yourself and see.