Thursday, 9 August 2007

1 year,1 month,1 week,1 day

old... is the age my babies are today (well on my American ticker LOL) and I only just realised it. Where has the time gone.

Once again I can't believe it has been 6 days since I last blogged. It has been a very BUSY week.
The boys have been having low to high temperatures on different days.They are still well but 'needy' and I can't escape them anymore they come to me and hang off my legs. Both wanting me - first !

Sam's tooth is coming down more and both his and Joel's other teeth are closer.

Saturday night we shared dinner with some friends I made post Charlotte ... at support group. Coincidentally they both lost daughters ~Annelise~ & ~Ella~ at 26 weeks in different years .They were both pregnant when I first met them and their adorable & cheeky cherubs are now 2.5 and almost 3yrs. All lovely kids. They gave me hope in a way that good things happen in subsequent pregnancies. It was a good night and Dearne's Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel sauce was delicious.

Sunday we checked out the church (in the school auditorium) up the road, Yippee 1 minute drive.It was very friendly- even Ds(14) was impressed and he doesn't like our other church at all. He is asking tonight are we going this week.

Monday was Playgroup ...all set up for us in the fabulous sunshine outside. TW still had the key because I wasn't there last week and had delegated opening and closing to her.

It is always a laugh and something yummy to eat ...ooopps there goes our diet. After a late finish -12.30pm and a trip back home to put my nappies on the line they decided to go for a late lunch at the Macquarie Arms (a very old Pub with a deep cellar ). It was nice way to start the week.

Tuesday night we met F & D (rhyming names) who lost their precious son , Noah over Easter and he was born still @ 25wks. Very similar to my story. They came to pick up some Teddy Love Club teddies which I am temporary guardian of.They were bought from our recent fundraising. Soon they will be on their way to hospitals across Sydney and NSW ... sadly into the arms of bereaved parents ... as a bittersweet memory

An Angel in the book of life,
Wrote down your baby’s birth.
And whispered,
As He closed the book ,
Too beautiful for this earth.

We know that nothing can ever take
away your pain or mend your broken
heart. This teddy has been sent to you
from another bereaved family who
wants you to know you are not alone.
We truly hope this teddy bear brings
you some comfort to ease the pain of
leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Wednesday we had a 4pm followup appointment with Paed Neurologist (at Children's hosp clinic) for S and all is going well. Dr W was very impressed with Sam's sexy Dalmatian modern cloth nappy - he had never seen one before. He also checked J over too - because we still aren't 100% he doesn't have the genetic disorder too.*sigh* but at least we checking and I got to 23yrs before I self diagnosed myself. I have only a few things that worry (or don't) me.

Then I went to Homebush to a computer store to buy a new drum image cartridge for our printer. A not easily obtainable one ... and it was fun trying to find the place in the dark and in unfamiliar territory. I was a bit scared though it was only 6pm and worried I might get mugged or someone would steal the babies. (yes paranoid in my new middle name).

The lady from the store was fantastic ... I rang 4 times to get directions and make sure they were staying open till I got there. I can't say the same for the road raging drivers who refuse to let people change lanes when it is obvious traffic is at a standstill and if someone is indicating from a right lane over to the left approaching a major intersection they must need to DO IT ! GGRRR ! I still did it a few times - my car is bigger than yours loser !

I only got lost once and DH set me straight ...(then the kind lady) thank you God for mobile phones -the hotline to heaven isn't much good when you are lost in Sydney or rather unsure of directions.I think I should put in a Christmas order for a NAVman.

The Nappy hunt is on and I haven't even had much time to hunt ... boo hoo. I am supposed to be doing the quarterly BAS (tax) but very hard when the babies are awake and when both are sleeping less.

Happy Birthday to Dearne for Monday 6th , and Lily (1) and Kerry 8th (my twin friend).
I am blogging birthdays so I can make a reminder calendar. It is on my to do list !

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tiff said...

Thank you for your excellent update!!!
More, need more! LOL
So sorry that S&J are not the best, hoping for a speedy recovery for all of you.

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