Monday, 20 August 2007

Memories ...

Over the last few days I have been thinking how our babies are almost exactly the same age D was when we adopted him. I can't fathom how it can be that he settled into our lives so quickly.

I know S & J know us and even our family - they recognise them and part of me feels sad because of what D has been though. He must have missed them so much and wondered why they disappeared from his life.

We spent about 10 days getting to know him for a few hours nearly everyday first. Being older he was an easy baby and well into a routine (Foster mother wrote 2 pages out for us to follow LOL). She wrote his favourite tricks ... combs & toothbrushes in the toilet.His food likes and his toys.

I still have it and I should use it as an example to scribe the same antics of S & J.*sigh* where does my time go.I always enjoyed reading back over it and it was like my baby bible for a few weeks . Though she attributed a few more tricks than we saw evidence of (obviously a proud FM)

His FF were lovely people with 3 teenagers and much the same age D is. They adored him and he them. The day we were finally leaving they were all crying after having him for 3 months.

S & J love D and they are all smiles when he comes home and they rush up the 'gate' (enclosed play area) to him.

Lucky S & J haven't discovered the toilet here yet ... but they love the bathroom and throwing toys into the empty bath. So I better make sure I shut the door tight now.