Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Big Day Out ...nappies and Due date birthday !

Today, we had a big day out ... after a bad start ... first a heap of traffic and then I missed the exit off the motorway.I had to go down through to the next toll / exit and then do a U turn and go back ... oh about 20kms round trip maybe. The whole day was 350kms.

I was daydreaming because last time I got it right.A quick (3) call to my Dh set me back on track.

But onto our special day spent in the most pleasant company of our special friends Tiff, Noah & Ivy .We got to see the big kids too for a short while. Sam & Joel love the big kids and save their biggest smiles for them.

Noah & Ivy are two very special cherubs and they are just adorable. To see them blossoming after the challenges of being a 30wk prem. I first knew about 'them' just over 2 years ago ...when they were but two tiny heartbeats.That day was magic. I was so privileged to share their journey into this wonderful world.

It was great to see their new tricks and talents. They are a testimony to their parents and siblings nurturing and love. Noah was so gentle with the boys. Ivy was still smiling and friendly even though she has been very sick the past week ... no wonder they are so proud of both of them.

It was a perfect, lazy day, in the sunshine, on deck with a view, to chill out(but not as in cold ~ it was warm and beautiful) , chomp some Cadbury chocolate with a cuppa and chat. Plus we had yummiest veggie soup for lunch.

It was great to catch up and admire Tiff's new nappies -oops I really mean N & I's new nappy stash ... oh I just love the feel and smell of fresh nappies (hehe not the smell of a full one). *blush* She even gave me two Berry Plush ... now that's a true friend (but I really didn't want to take them off her)! She has a collection that would be the envy of many a clothie.

Sometimes you find a really special friend and there is nothing better ... unless it is a good friend with chocolate. Seriously, I am so thankful for our friendship.

PS Happy Birthday Zoe ... my cyber friend in Queensland who we met up with on holidays in March ...

1st August was also my official Due Date for 40weeks (though twins are always born earlier )... so S & J are really 1 year old today in terms of human gestation ! OMG I still can't believe they are one.