Monday, 30 July 2007

Happy 80th Birthday

... Grandpa... Dad... Father in law. Happy birthday to you

Saturday night we had my FIL's 80th birthday. He still looks like 70yrs old and works like a 50 yr old man.LOL, No he doesn't read my blog .

About 40 family & friends celebrated with him. The jukebox was down too low for me [never got to chose a song too] and the karaoke was not good. The oldest guest was Aunty J (86) still going okay living in aged hostel and youngest S & J.

Tonight we are having just a family dinner with him, his wife, and my SIL & brother (still down from Queensland)

Aunty J's, daughter B is my Dh's cousin but in her late 60's (JIC she ever reads this - she looks much younger) and she has twin girls (though now 34) so I chatted to her a bit.

It was so surprising discovering differences and similarities in twinships ... dominant twin , placid baby and one always being the one to be fed first. She also had two older children about 2 & 4 when they were born and her Dh never changed nappy (cloth) she said. She said her eldest daughter has a vivid memory she remembers most her mother saying "here take this dirty nappy to the laundry" LOL.

I am so thankful my own husband is a very hands on Daddy ...even if he still hasn't fully got the hang of modern cloth nappies. As long as I have AIO's he is great .

Ps. Update on Joel - likely a virus because we went to hospital so he could be checked in case he had a UTI (because of kidney reflux). His white cell count was actually low (probably from Bactrim to prevent UTI). Before this though they wanted to admit him just in case because he did look (motley skin and red cheeks)and sound unwell (grizzling). They even put a cannula in when they took blood. I knew he was okay he just didn't like hospital. The Paediatrician said I could go home because of nursing background. We live so close too.

The next day the Paed registrar rang to see if J was okay - he wasn't even the Dr who saw him but because the blood cultures were growing something but if J was well it was likely skin contamination. Knowing what I knew I think it was. J still had temperatures and not as happy but was just not that sick.