Sunday, 12 August 2007

oh what a beautiful day

today was like a day in paradise -if you don't count the stress of getting ready to go out to lunch at my SIL's for my MIL's birthday (tomorrow). Remembering to take everything -including highchairs .... and I still forgot a few things.

The weather was stunning and the food !

We had a lovely outdoor lunch [marinated chicken, baked vegetable salad (onion,capsicum, sweet potato, leek & feta -unusual) and green salad] basking in the dappled sunlight from the surrounding trees and umbrella .The babies were adored and cuddled to bits. Over a little wine and in good company we chatted. BIL announced he wanted to do this [lunch] more often.

Their huge lab 'Sam' - almost bowled the babies over and their little fluffy white one 'Lola' scared Joel. "Sam" oh that's a another story. I knew they had a dog Sam but I forgot when I had my heart set on Samuel. Then one night (when I was pregnant) we were stopped at traffic lights and there were two dogs on the back of a guy's truck. D said "hey that dog is like 'Sam' "and I started laughing ~but didn't care - Dh had never said anything either.The names were a secret between us but I wasn't going to change it.

back to today ... Ella 16 (going on 17) said she wanted to change J's nappy -uh oh ! Dh went to help her (cloth nappies are a bit tricky) .... a few minutes later she comes outside and says "quick Uncle M needs your help".

It was a massive exPOOlosion - over Joel's jeans/socks and all over Dh hands . We took him into the bathroom and sink bathed him - DH spots the toothbrushes on the side of the vanity.We had already been laughing while J was squirming and squealing with all the fuss . He says I should go and ask them "who owns the blue toothbrush -'cause might need a new one" -[they didn't] wicked humour as if we had used it I was doubled over laughing trying to contain my own near flood.I had to go relieve myself - else I need a change of clothes.

Oh did I mention dessert after that ....dessert was chocolate cake , cream and strawberries ... mmmm ! - and apple pie (but I passed on that).

Then at 4.30pm we headed off to another birthday dinner with my school buddies and their husbands and children ( - well young adults 16, almost 18 and 20 -they are both younger than me too). The bonus was the older two girls love S & J so I hardly saw them . Another full dinner {steak and salad and dessert - pavlova shells filled with choc mousse and strawberries} and just lucky the BF is keeping it off my thighs and other places.

Sunday night we usually have dinner with my family ~ brother/SIL,2 nieces,nephew and my Mum ... but Mum is off having a little holiday in Queensland . Another one without me ! I wish I was there LOL. Everyone else is having holidays except me.

Happy 76th Birthday to PT ... for tomorrow.

I have finally finished our BAS ... well need to submit it online tomorrow, then I can devote more time to nappy hunt. Yay !

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tiff said...

Lovely to hear that you had such a wonderful day, well deserved I'm sure after the awful nights.

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