Saturday, 18 August 2007

11.39pm update and my past self

... one more icon to go -actually I have 4 to go - 3 of the extreme sponsors and 1 of the other ... a few of the latter I have already spent hours on .... grrr & *sigh* but still have 12 days

Extreme Sponsors:

Bits for Bots
Cherub's Kiss
Excellence Coaching Solutions
Pookey Pockets

Baby Eco Store
Craft Alley Designs
Cute Tooshies
Nappy Nirvana
Oz Cloth Nappies

My past self ... well I got this email

Dear future self,

I'm reminding you about your stated goal on 43 things, to "Read more".
How's it going?
Your past self

Answer . I have to say YES ... I am reading Harry Potter (latest book) and LOL lots of nappy and other information.

So it is one down on my list of 43 goals...but sadly this list won't be ticked off as quickly as the Nappy hunt one. I have so mnay things I would like to improve it will a one step at a time list.