Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Reaching out

He wanted to make a 'shell' heart

He makes my heart sing
your in my heart

Reach out & touch someone

When you pay it forward the good deeds and kindness are multiplied exponentially! So today be sure to perform at least one random act of kindness.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grateful Saturday- things I know

It's been a strange week.

Coming home from a weekend like no other and with my husband being home almost everyday ...all day. Technically unemployed now we have stopped taking on new business and no business premises to operate from.

Things I know - my Internet time has been and will continue to be severely curbed for a bit . Maybe that is a good thing because we have to get 'moving' on preparing our house for sale. I'm both grateful and sad that it is happening.

I'm grateful for being able to attend the Aus Blog Con and garteful for the community of amazing women to which I am proud to belong.

Things I know - I enjoyed myself immensely although I missed my family terribly and got all teary talking to my little lads on the phone who stayed with my mum & brother. DH was at the farm.I was very anxious about them the whole but I did enjoy a break from the constant "MUM".

I'm grateful that my oldest son still plays his drums in a band .... at his friend's house. It was lovely to see S & J drag out and play the old drums the other day when they watched ZingZilla's.They had a blast and it was funny to see them so excited.

Things I know - The Teen's friend's mum is worth her weight in GOLD to have the bandmates play (& eat) at her house.The neighbours are more than grateful too .We haven't had any more council visits for noise complaints from the 'neighbour' (who lives in the corner at the back fence mind you).
I'm grateful for my very first paid sponsored post ...reviewing  ZingZilla's. Our income is very limited at the moment and every little bit helps while we still have a huge mortgage to pay until we sell our house.

I 'd love you to join in the conversation ...Does your child want to be in a band? 
What instrument or song do they love the most?

Grateful posts are here today at Maxabella's gorgeous sister a twin mum extraordinaire @Then there were four.

I am also playing along with Shae @ Yay for home's - Things I know too because she was so 'engaging' and friendly to meet. Go say hi - she made her self well known and was a dancing queen.

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Friday, 25 March 2011

The Big Zing

As a busy mum I love to find new TV / video programs to keep my kids occupied when I need to tackle the housework or dinner. Safe in knowledge they won't tackle each other or create chaos where I've cleaned.

As much as I love to play or read with them there are times when the mundane calls me away. I can't expect my two preschoolers to sit quietly for 30mins reading or playing peacefully while I am busy.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to review ZingZilla’s, a hit new preschool production by BBC, CBeebies.

I loved that ZingZilla’s is a new concept introducing new sounds, instruments and musical ideas to my preschoolers. My four year boys were immediately captivated. 

It held their attention with them toe tapping and jiving along. I enjoyed it too.

ZingZilla’s musical sensation are an engaging band of primates living on a tropical island.

Zak , Tang  , Panzee  and Drum  are the ZingZilla’s who have got everyone rockin’ and jiving to a brand new beat.

The ZingZilla's have a daily performance called "The Big Zing" which incorporates a different musical guest / instrument each episode. The songs are catchy and easy to join in with.

Each episode follows band mates Zak, Tang, Panzee, Drum and their friends through musical adventures on their island paradise.

It introduces preschoolers to a variety of musical influences from rock to samba, bluegrass to Bhangra, orchestra to soul, the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and Scottish bagpipes too.
My boys insisted on dragging out their older brother's old drums .
to join in the cast of characters too

Zak , a gorilla , the lead singer provides vocals,
while Tang, an Orangutan is the lead guitarist with amazing compositions.
"It's a hap , hap,  happy day"

 Chimpanze, Panzee is the band's, bass guitarist and keyboard genius.
Our favourite was the monkey, Drum the percussionist / drummer, of course, who has always hits the right beat.

Their musical guru, sloth, DJ Loose ensures they get it all together in time for the daily Big Zing, performed with their daily guests in background. The musical guests once discovered each day by the ZingZilla’s provide the day's inspiration or theme. Everyone lends a hand.

The 'Beach byrds' harmonize and dance along, backing up the band. They are aided by the ancient ‘Moaning’ stones, with the bass lines. Todd, an accident prone mandrill,  the island's caretaker completes the colourful cast.

When the last coconut rolls ‘The Big Zing’ begins and the island pulsates.  It’s creative and lively music everyone will enjoy. 

You can also see more about  ZingZilla’s at Cbeebies website www.bbcaustralia.com/cbeebies  it has fun games , songs and colouring sheets you can download for your kids.

Music sensation ZingZilla’s are expertly introducing new sounds, instruments and musical ideas from around the world to our littlies! Does your child want to be in a band? What instrument or song do they love the most?

Tune in to ZingZilla’s weekdays at 4.30pm on CBeebies - Channel 705 on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

Sponsored by CBeebies
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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday -

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Monday, 21 March 2011

What a day

It is hard to come down from the clouds after such a great weekend with some of my favourite people at the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011.

There was  much to learn and some many beautiful stories told on 'My blog my story' which was one of my favourite sessions along with the crowd sourced keynote speaker ...blog readings.

For me , it was all about connecting with my community. The community of people with whom I have developed relationships over the last few years .

Putting a face to well, and lesser known, but much loved names and hearing the real voices of many ... some very surprising ones. Gabbing with and embracing bloggers from across the continent. I can't remember everyone and I'd feel terrible if I left you out.

Trying to listen to great speakers, moderators and follow the twitter stream was also very challenging.

I applaud the team of ladies who made it possible. We all thank you   Brenda , Tina , Veronica , Nicole and Karen for an amazing effort. 

It's hard to face the reality of the mundane, the  bills, the noise, the shamozal of family life, cleaning ( all the awesome cleaning product in the swag bags will be very handy one day) and  the laundry ...my washing machine croaked on Wednesday. I took two loads to my in-laws Wednesday. I did 3 loads at my mum's when I collected my boys after the Ausblogcon Sunday . It meant I also got a hot cooked lunch - thanks mum.

The dinner/dance was amazing fun. I haven't had as much fun in years ...well away from my family.
Thanks to Marilyn @Live first write later I was able to stay in her place. I feel I cheated getting to go at the last minute - it was worth it.

I don't know how much I'll change about my blog. I have a blog makeover coming and I have a lot to think about in terms of the directions I should go. I am enjoying the journey though and proud to be called a blogger even if a lot of my real life community don't understand it.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Meet me ...

Finally I can say it - shout it if you please...



at the day session, at least, and to meet others for dinner Friday night.

There has been envious watching of all the tweeting and chatting abuzz in the Aus Mum Blogger circles.

This weekend some 170+ mummy and other personal bloggers will hit Sydney for the first Australian Blogging Conference (ABC or Aus Blog Con).

I still don't feel like a real blogger even after nearly 4 yrs of personal mummy blogging (and 6 years of an online presence in other parenting forums).

I was shy about going.My husband's health was also my main concern six months ago when the ABC tickets were first announced. I held off buying a ticket because ... I just couldn't commit to anything not just that finances were and are still tight.

When DH's scan on Feb 1st was clear the ABC tickets were sold out. I held my breath, hoping , quietly.

Monday, I saw a tweet from the gorgeous Holly @ Good Golly Miss Holly . Don't fret - you still get to meet her too - Holly is going to the hot frocks dinner and I got to buy her day ticket. It suited me.  

I'm most excited to re-new acquaintances , hug and hang out with the chicks who make me laugh and cry daily with their real life stories on their blog or one liners on twitter.

Here is ten IMPORTANT things you should know about me

  1. I'm hearing impaired - The thing behind my right ear is my BAHA hearing aid - bone anchored hearing aid and if you can see the screw in my head - it means I've lost it. I may start screaming too.

  2. Seriously if you say 'hello' from behind or from my left I may not hear - please don't think I'm ignoring you. Feel free to tap me on the shoulder or jab me in the back.

  3. If I answer a question inappropriately - don't assume Kelley has given me too many Margaritas - I probably didn't hear you.

  4. I ask people to repeat things, a lot sometimes, in noisy environments - forgive me I am not really stupid I do get things - I just miss bits (see #3 too) and keep asking until I fully understand.

  5. Don't worry I can't lip read much ...but I do concentrate hard on people speaking sometimes so if you think I am staring strangely - I am not.

  6. I don't mind if you talk 'louder' to me but please remind me if I am talking too loud too ...

  7. I'm also vision impaired in my right eye - I wear contact lens only in my left eye. You wouldn't know it until I look at you - my right eye has minimal peripheral vision, my eye has a slight turn and a bit different. I am very self conscious about it but what can I do but grin and carry on.

  8. I hate the way I look especially in photos ...my right side is the worst. Just saying - I will hide in the corner if your camera comes out.

  9. I get very nervous when I meet new people. I may babble to hide my nervousness. I get the feeling many of us are nervous so I know I'm not alone.I don't have any business cards to offer you :( but I do have heart shaped post it's.

  10. Friday & Saturday I hope I leave behind some of my concerns and just enjoy connecting in real life with new and old friends. I'll soak in as much information as I can as the conference and come home re-newed.
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Wordless Wednesday - Soaking up Sunshine , Song & Sea

Aussie Wordless Wednesday

“May you always walk in sunshine. May you never want for more. May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door.” Irish Blessing ...for tomorrow !

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


 Just out of curiosity if the past tense of sit is sat
Then is 'shat' the past tense of ...s#*+ ?

So why did the cat shat on the mat ?

Yesterday I finally pulled my finger off twitter out and booked the Teen's 'Ziggy' the cat into be de-sexed so we didn't have any more
Cute as they may be there are still so many unwanted kittens born, who grow into even less wanted cats.
I wasn't quick enough last time. It is my responsibility.

One of the animal welfare organisations was less than helpful and brushed my questions off too quickly. So he might be busy...What the ? I want to book them in sunshine ... I had important questions to ask.

I wanted to get the kitten , Mia, done at the same time.
Instead I google the Cat Protection society.They were extremely helpful. They give me the name of an experienced vet who would do kittens as young as 8-12weeks and a reference number for a discount.

The downside was it some distance away but the 'price' was more than enough for me to book them in for surgery next week.The next available time on my child free day.

I call a friend, D, to ask to borrow her cat carrier.

D suggests her acquaintance that was a vet , closer , who might match the price.
D calls and the vet agrees. Since D, had been so helpful I decide to accept her vet friends' offer instead.
I called the vet , made the arrangements ...for tomorrow which was today !

We hadn't time to get the cat carrier but I assumed it wouldn't be a problem with the Teen coming to help wrangle the cats.
The cats are locked up in garage overnight with a litter tray and  no food.
We get the cats in the car , too easy !

Ziggy and Mia curl up together, happily, on one child car seat. Half way to our destination Ziggy starts meowing and moving about on the floor.
We think she is hungry ...wrong !
I feel her brush beside my leg. I'm driving ...at next set of lights I pass her to the Teen.
He goes "Ewww !!! she's wet".

I notice the carpet floor mat beside is also shiny - wet.
He puts Ziggy on the floor in backseat.
He searches for the antiseptic hand wash and something to wipe his hand.

I SMELL an overpowering stench, my eyes are watering and I feel sick.
OMG the smell.
I know it's under my seat or behind.
Teen says Ziggy is now coated in said "Sh*t" ....

Mia, kitten, is all the while quiet and on the front floor.

There is no where to pull over, inside lane, on busy two-three lane road with a traffic island.
I put the windows down ...for fresh air. Smell is overwhelming.
I am both laughing and choking, trying to hold my nose while driving.
Eyes are watering.
Teen is grumbling.
Suddenly I think - 'UH oh - no' the cats might jump out window ...up it goes EEEEEWWWWWWW ...leaving it a little down.

We have to put Ziggy in a large postage box that was in backseat because she still is moving about.
She is NOT happy...clearly she can't be held.

We are nearly there and a little lost, traffic lights , a  NO RIGHT turn (it was the wrong way anyway...I just couldn't think straight with that smell) and no left hand streets.
Round and down the street, further away and then back.

Teen spots the Vet surgery.

We park right outside, it is on a busy street so I make sure Teen has a hold on both cats.
Thankfully I find a soft canvas shopping bag in the boot , into which I place Ziggy , her head out, so I can hold her without the poop getting on me (I chucked it out later).
We get inside...the vet is busy, the lovely trainee nurse (3 days on the job) sorts a cage to put them in.

Paperwork complete we head back to car to see what we can do, armed with wet and dry paper towel.
Teen - gets the job done ...thankfully quick, easily extracts 'all the bits' under my seat .There is a malodorous smell that accompanies us home, with the windows down it isn't as bad.

Home ...I swap cars to take boys to playgroup. Hub takes the ute to work ; Teen is left to finish my car cleanup.
It is his cat after all !

When I am almost to playgroup turnoff - I feel dampness near my right ankle argh ...either the cat pee on the mat wicked up my jean cuff or she peed on me...
Revenge ! 

PS Thank goodness D, has dropped the cat carrier at playgroup so there will be no repeat CATastrophe when we pick them up later.  
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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Grateful Saturday -

So many things to be grateful for ...
Catch up phone calls with a far away friend.I always get sidetracked and waylaid by the Brothersand maybe ...online social networking. On Wednesday I finally able to catch up a little with Melbo.

Family meals - often messy and chaotic, always filled with lots of laughter, too.

Chocolate brownies ...so many recipes but this one is nom nom :0 I added pecans but forgot to take a picture.

So, what's making you smile today?
... add your Grateful post below it's a blog hop .Please add a link back to Maxibella in your post. Blog hop to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yooneek and Kre8iv Names

Kewl & Kewt baby names ...only we all grow up and then spend the rest of our life spelling it out to people.

Would you thank your parents for your name if they spelt it so yooneekly just for the sake of it.
I think knott.
Fair enough if it is cultural or back to ancient spellings.

At my sons' preschool there are 2 Samuels and a Sameul.
At playgroup someone spells my Samuel's name - Sameul and another person - Samual.
I was confused myself the other day when I was about to write it down. I seriously got out something to check.

I was already wondering why people have to be so kre8iv when I came across an article in the Reader's Digest about the very issue.

We all know the substitution , rearranging of letters and additional letters does nothing to change the pronunciation of even simple names. It does make them seem harder to pronounce, let alone spell.

I am not one to judge but seriously I wonder why people want their children to stand out...whether they like it or not.

It is more like torture the name spellling to increase the 'torture' at school ...then everytime they fill a form.

Keightey ?

Dayvd ? or Daivd ? an Australian school friend's mum spelt it differently in birthday cards every year.

Matthew with one tea or two ? I am often asked !

When it comes time to do the family tree you might find that 'branch' falls off when no-one can look up the name because of the unusual spelling. We had a bit of fun searching the NSW database recently but you can't much information unless the marriage is prior to 1960. A quick look at the database marriage names revealed mostly normal names too prior to 1960.

Unusual names are a different story but still have their problems.

Cillian ...now I know this is a Irish name but how do you say it ...KILL ian. A little fellow at 4 boldly told stood up to the Principal of the school and told him he said it wrong. He was receiving an award :) too. Every time he got an award he had to do it at school and the kids teased him mercilessleigh.

Mozart ...moes art apparently but seriously it does suit the guy who now wants to be a musician. The guy gets asked all the time why he was called Mozart ?

Out of interest  I also googled 'yooneek' baby names and found this excellent post too.

Ps When my Samuel was in the NIC unit the baby boy, a metre away and right next to him, born the day before, had the same first name and surname. Exactly - no middle names were used. The file had a sticker to say beware patient of same name or similar.  

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