Saturday, 26 March 2011

Grateful Saturday- things I know

It's been a strange week.

Coming home from a weekend like no other and with my husband being home almost everyday ...all day. Technically unemployed now we have stopped taking on new business and no business premises to operate from.

Things I know - my Internet time has been and will continue to be severely curbed for a bit . Maybe that is a good thing because we have to get 'moving' on preparing our house for sale. I'm both grateful and sad that it is happening.

I'm grateful for being able to attend the Aus Blog Con and garteful for the community of amazing women to which I am proud to belong.

Things I know - I enjoyed myself immensely although I missed my family terribly and got all teary talking to my little lads on the phone who stayed with my mum & brother. DH was at the farm.I was very anxious about them the whole but I did enjoy a break from the constant "MUM".

I'm grateful that my oldest son still plays his drums in a band .... at his friend's house. It was lovely to see S & J drag out and play the old drums the other day when they watched ZingZilla's.They had a blast and it was funny to see them so excited.

Things I know - The Teen's friend's mum is worth her weight in GOLD to have the bandmates play (& eat) at her house.The neighbours are more than grateful too .We haven't had any more council visits for noise complaints from the 'neighbour' (who lives in the corner at the back fence mind you).
I'm grateful for my very first paid sponsored post ...reviewing  ZingZilla's. Our income is very limited at the moment and every little bit helps while we still have a huge mortgage to pay until we sell our house.

I 'd love you to join in the conversation ...Does your child want to be in a band? 
What instrument or song do they love the most?

Grateful posts are here today at Maxabella's gorgeous sister a twin mum extraordinaire @Then there were four.

I am also playing along with Shae @ Yay for home's - Things I know too because she was so 'engaging' and friendly to meet. Go say hi - she made her self well known and was a dancing queen.

  Never miss a po
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