Friday, 25 March 2011

The Big Zing

As a busy mum I love to find new TV / video programs to keep my kids occupied when I need to tackle the housework or dinner. Safe in knowledge they won't tackle each other or create chaos where I've cleaned.

As much as I love to play or read with them there are times when the mundane calls me away. I can't expect my two preschoolers to sit quietly for 30mins reading or playing peacefully while I am busy.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to review ZingZilla’s, a hit new preschool production by BBC, CBeebies.

I loved that ZingZilla’s is a new concept introducing new sounds, instruments and musical ideas to my preschoolers. My four year boys were immediately captivated. 

It held their attention with them toe tapping and jiving along. I enjoyed it too.

ZingZilla’s musical sensation are an engaging band of primates living on a tropical island.

Zak , Tang  , Panzee  and Drum  are the ZingZilla’s who have got everyone rockin’ and jiving to a brand new beat.

The ZingZilla's have a daily performance called "The Big Zing" which incorporates a different musical guest / instrument each episode. The songs are catchy and easy to join in with.

Each episode follows band mates Zak, Tang, Panzee, Drum and their friends through musical adventures on their island paradise.

It introduces preschoolers to a variety of musical influences from rock to samba, bluegrass to Bhangra, orchestra to soul, the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and Scottish bagpipes too.
My boys insisted on dragging out their older brother's old drums .
to join in the cast of characters too

Zak , a gorilla , the lead singer provides vocals,
while Tang, an Orangutan is the lead guitarist with amazing compositions.
"It's a hap , hap,  happy day"

 Chimpanze, Panzee is the band's, bass guitarist and keyboard genius.
Our favourite was the monkey, Drum the percussionist / drummer, of course, who has always hits the right beat.

Their musical guru, sloth, DJ Loose ensures they get it all together in time for the daily Big Zing, performed with their daily guests in background. The musical guests once discovered each day by the ZingZilla’s provide the day's inspiration or theme. Everyone lends a hand.

The 'Beach byrds' harmonize and dance along, backing up the band. They are aided by the ancient ‘Moaning’ stones, with the bass lines. Todd, an accident prone mandrill,  the island's caretaker completes the colourful cast.

When the last coconut rolls ‘The Big Zing’ begins and the island pulsates.  It’s creative and lively music everyone will enjoy. 

You can also see more about  ZingZilla’s at Cbeebies website  it has fun games , songs and colouring sheets you can download for your kids.

Music sensation ZingZilla’s are expertly introducing new sounds, instruments and musical ideas from around the world to our littlies! Does your child want to be in a band? What instrument or song do they love the most?

Tune in to ZingZilla’s weekdays at 4.30pm on CBeebies - Channel 705 on FOXTEL and AUSTAR.

Sponsored by CBeebies
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