Tuesday, 15 March 2011


 Just out of curiosity if the past tense of sit is sat
Then is 'shat' the past tense of ...s#*+ ?

So why did the cat shat on the mat ?

Yesterday I finally pulled my finger off twitter out and booked the Teen's 'Ziggy' the cat into be de-sexed so we didn't have any more
Cute as they may be there are still so many unwanted kittens born, who grow into even less wanted cats.
I wasn't quick enough last time. It is my responsibility.

One of the animal welfare organisations was less than helpful and brushed my questions off too quickly. So he might be busy...What the ? I want to book them in sunshine ... I had important questions to ask.

I wanted to get the kitten , Mia, done at the same time.
Instead I google the Cat Protection society.They were extremely helpful. They give me the name of an experienced vet who would do kittens as young as 8-12weeks and a reference number for a discount.

The downside was it some distance away but the 'price' was more than enough for me to book them in for surgery next week.The next available time on my child free day.

I call a friend, D, to ask to borrow her cat carrier.

D suggests her acquaintance that was a vet , closer , who might match the price.
D calls and the vet agrees. Since D, had been so helpful I decide to accept her vet friends' offer instead.
I called the vet , made the arrangements ...for tomorrow which was today !

We hadn't time to get the cat carrier but I assumed it wouldn't be a problem with the Teen coming to help wrangle the cats.
The cats are locked up in garage overnight with a litter tray and  no food.
We get the cats in the car , too easy !

Ziggy and Mia curl up together, happily, on one child car seat. Half way to our destination Ziggy starts meowing and moving about on the floor.
We think she is hungry ...wrong !
I feel her brush beside my leg. I'm driving ...at next set of lights I pass her to the Teen.
He goes "Ewww !!! she's wet".

I notice the carpet floor mat beside is also shiny - wet.
He puts Ziggy on the floor in backseat.
He searches for the antiseptic hand wash and something to wipe his hand.

I SMELL an overpowering stench, my eyes are watering and I feel sick.
OMG the smell.
I know it's under my seat or behind.
Teen says Ziggy is now coated in said "Sh*t" ....

Mia, kitten, is all the while quiet and on the front floor.

There is no where to pull over, inside lane, on busy two-three lane road with a traffic island.
I put the windows down ...for fresh air. Smell is overwhelming.
I am both laughing and choking, trying to hold my nose while driving.
Eyes are watering.
Teen is grumbling.
Suddenly I think - 'UH oh - no' the cats might jump out window ...up it goes EEEEEWWWWWWW ...leaving it a little down.

We have to put Ziggy in a large postage box that was in backseat because she still is moving about.
She is NOT happy...clearly she can't be held.

We are nearly there and a little lost, traffic lights , a  NO RIGHT turn (it was the wrong way anyway...I just couldn't think straight with that smell) and no left hand streets.
Round and down the street, further away and then back.

Teen spots the Vet surgery.

We park right outside, it is on a busy street so I make sure Teen has a hold on both cats.
Thankfully I find a soft canvas shopping bag in the boot , into which I place Ziggy , her head out, so I can hold her without the poop getting on me (I chucked it out later).
We get inside...the vet is busy, the lovely trainee nurse (3 days on the job) sorts a cage to put them in.

Paperwork complete we head back to car to see what we can do, armed with wet and dry paper towel.
Teen - gets the job done ...thankfully quick, easily extracts 'all the bits' under my seat .There is a malodorous smell that accompanies us home, with the windows down it isn't as bad.

Home ...I swap cars to take boys to playgroup. Hub takes the ute to work ; Teen is left to finish my car cleanup.
It is his cat after all !

When I am almost to playgroup turnoff - I feel dampness near my right ankle argh ...either the cat pee on the mat wicked up my jean cuff or she peed on me...
Revenge ! 

PS Thank goodness D, has dropped the cat carrier at playgroup so there will be no repeat CATastrophe when we pick them up later.  
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Anonymous said...


tears of mirth rolling down my face..........

Mum-me said...

I could smell (no pun intended!) trouble as soon as I read you'd gone without the cat carrier! A mistake I also made once, but never again.

Anonymous said...

Even with a cat carrier often you aren't saved from the smell however the car upholstery may be saved. We had a cat who didn't travel well and always dumped his displeasure often on the other cat. It wasn't so much fun trying to clean 2 long-haired cats!

Cate said...

eeeewwwww! Oh you poor thing...time to get the car steam cleaned!!!
Hope everything goes well at the vets :-)

Carolyn said...

Is it wrong that I laughed while reading (and then re-reading) this post? Our cat Ella recently left us a present on our quilt - I'd picked it up before I realised what it was (thankfully it was mostly a fur-ball) - but we have no idea why she didn't use the litter tray. Needless to say the quilt has been washed twice and my hands were scrubbed until they were red.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Pixie - glad it made you smile ;)

@Mum-me - nor will I again .

@Del - I couldn't believe they didn't clean it off :( Boo to them. I had to clean her off tonight so she didn't try.

@Cate - it seems ok . Mumma Ziggy was hurting bad but Mia kitty was bounced back about quite well. Had to separate them as Mumma was getting sHi++y with her kitty trying to play I think.

@Carolyn - Oh no ! I had a good shower after I washed her off tonight. EWWW -

The teen was not amused at all but I can see the funny side of it and the blogging opportunity LOL.

Liz. said...

Ohh, not nice! Our kitty often gives us the same treatment (in a carrier) but at least it's a 5 minute drive to the vet from our place.

I'm glad the Cat Protection Society were able to give you the answers - they are local to me and do great work. :)

Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

This had me thinking "Ewwwww!" and laughing at the fact that you weren't able to roll down the windows to get rid of the stench.

I love the fact that the Teen cleaned up the mess his cat made. I look forward to the day I can delegate these sorts of jobs, like cleaning the toilet. *I* didn't make that mess in there! I have my own bathroom.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@Liz- it was a 40min+ drive and CPS were very helpful recommend them to everyone.

@Shelley - I know I may not have just though uh oh ...

The smell is still there today and cleaning smell...may have to sell the car sooner.

melbo said...

Oh no ... not in the car. It might end up being like that car from Seinfeld where they had to drive with their heads sticking out the window. Ack!

Trying to think of a good stench remover ... Febreze might not be strong enough.

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