Monday, 21 March 2011

What a day

It is hard to come down from the clouds after such a great weekend with some of my favourite people at the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011.

There was  much to learn and some many beautiful stories told on 'My blog my story' which was one of my favourite sessions along with the crowd sourced keynote speaker readings.

For me , it was all about connecting with my community. The community of people with whom I have developed relationships over the last few years .

Putting a face to well, and lesser known, but much loved names and hearing the real voices of many ... some very surprising ones. Gabbing with and embracing bloggers from across the continent. I can't remember everyone and I'd feel terrible if I left you out.

Trying to listen to great speakers, moderators and follow the twitter stream was also very challenging.

I applaud the team of ladies who made it possible. We all thank you   Brenda , Tina , Veronica , Nicole and Karen for an amazing effort. 

It's hard to face the reality of the mundane, the  bills, the noise, the shamozal of family life, cleaning ( all the awesome cleaning product in the swag bags will be very handy one day) and  the laundry washing machine croaked on Wednesday. I took two loads to my in-laws Wednesday. I did 3 loads at my mum's when I collected my boys after the Ausblogcon Sunday . It meant I also got a hot cooked lunch - thanks mum.

The dinner/dance was amazing fun. I haven't had as much fun in years ...well away from my family.
Thanks to Marilyn @Live first write later I was able to stay in her place. I feel I cheated getting to go at the last minute - it was worth it.

I don't know how much I'll change about my blog. I have a blog makeover coming and I have a lot to think about in terms of the directions I should go. I am enjoying the journey though and proud to be called a blogger even if a lot of my real life community don't understand it.

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Rah said...

I'm still wondering what I'll change in my blog/blogging - my brain's overflowing!
Was lovely to see you again Trish - and I should have known that was Marilyn at the conference! I thought she looked familiar when she was walking her bub up the back of the room

Sass said...

I'm so glad that you went and had a good time!
I will be there next year for sure!!

Will email you tomorrow.


Annieb25 said...

So lovely to meet you Trish. Glad you came and had such a great time. It was amazing. xx

Jayne said...

Trish, I totally loved meeting up with you , it was like meeting an old friend :) xxx

Super Sarah said...

It was so lovely seeing you and catching up! I too feel very excited about my blog and where its going!

Dina said...

It sounds like a fun conference. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know what you mean about it being hard to come back from things like that. It can be hard to get back to regular life!

Marilyn Rodrigues said...

I'm glad you had fun at the dinner Trish. I'm very keen to see your blog makeover - how exciting!

Kelly said...

Blog makeover? Awesome. There is something very special about you Trish. xxx

Beet said...

ooooo A blog makeover! :)

I am so glad you were able to come and I got to meet you Trish!! It was an absolute pleasure xox

Anonymous said...

I am so so glad that you mad it to the conference, it was awesome to actually meet you. See you soon when you head south on an adventure!

Carly Findlay said...

Hello :)
I can't recall if we met at AusBlogCon or not - so many people, so little time.
I am glad you enjoyed yourself.
Hope to see you next year

Kelley said...

thanks for all the hugs.

They were GOLD.


Kymmie said...

It sounds like you had the most amazing time! I'm so upset that I was too late to apply. But there's always next year where I can meet you in person! Glad you had fun and learnt lots. Looking forward to you bloglift! xx

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