Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yooneek and Kre8iv Names

Kewl & Kewt baby names ...only we all grow up and then spend the rest of our life spelling it out to people.

Would you thank your parents for your name if they spelt it so yooneekly just for the sake of it.
I think knott.
Fair enough if it is cultural or back to ancient spellings.

At my sons' preschool there are 2 Samuels and a Sameul.
At playgroup someone spells my Samuel's name - Sameul and another person - Samual.
I was confused myself the other day when I was about to write it down. I seriously got out something to check.

I was already wondering why people have to be so kre8iv when I came across an article in the Reader's Digest about the very issue.

We all know the substitution , rearranging of letters and additional letters does nothing to change the pronunciation of even simple names. It does make them seem harder to pronounce, let alone spell.

I am not one to judge but seriously I wonder why people want their children to stand out...whether they like it or not.

It is more like torture the name spellling to increase the 'torture' at school ...then everytime they fill a form.

Keightey ?

Dayvd ? or Daivd ? an Australian school friend's mum spelt it differently in birthday cards every year.

Matthew with one tea or two ? I am often asked !

When it comes time to do the family tree you might find that 'branch' falls off when no-one can look up the name because of the unusual spelling. We had a bit of fun searching the NSW database recently but you can't much information unless the marriage is prior to 1960. A quick look at the database marriage names revealed mostly normal names too prior to 1960.

Unusual names are a different story but still have their problems.

Cillian I know this is a Irish name but how do you say it ...KILL ian. A little fellow at 4 boldly told stood up to the Principal of the school and told him he said it wrong. He was receiving an award :) too. Every time he got an award he had to do it at school and the kids teased him mercilessleigh.

Mozart ...moes art apparently but seriously it does suit the guy who now wants to be a musician. The guy gets asked all the time why he was called Mozart ?

Out of interest  I also googled 'yooneek' baby names and found this excellent post too.

Ps When my Samuel was in the NIC unit the baby boy, a metre away and right next to him, born the day before, had the same first name and surname. Exactly - no middle names were used. The file had a sticker to say beware patient of same name or similar.  

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