Saturday, 26 February 2011

Grateful Saturday - social networking

This week I was gratefully reminded of the benefits of social networking.It has paved the way for easier communication with my friends, family and other friends I only know by avatar, alias or user name.

In just a few clicks people are connected by common interests, a purpose, and goal*(see below). People from all walks of life also get to mingle with each other from the comfort of our computer or anywhere now we have mobile phone access.

Through a message on my Facebook status I found a new home for two of our kittens - now named Neva & Jacob with R and her family.

I met R through an online parenting forum before my twins were born. I also met her twice in real life at forum meet ups too when they were babes. To be honest we're more online acquaintances than friends but I am so glad she was on my friends list. I wasn't having much luck with real life friends in finding a home for the kittens.I also got to see Neva & Jacob with R's little girls on her FB photos and could show my own boys.

Social networking on twitter or FB also allows us to instantly share knowledge, ask questions or have a quick rant and get instant answers or a little virtual TLC.

Little Bloggy Blood Drive
See this button also it is also in my sidebar. Liz @ Lizosaurus is organising a bloggy blood donation drive in April at new Town Hall blood centre.It's amazing we can connect together with a purpose to achieve a common goal and met up...will you join us. 

Blood donation is a gift those whose lives depend on it are always grateful for.
So, what's making you smile today?
... add your Grateful post below it's a blog hop .Please add a link back to Maxibella in your post. Blog hop to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

This week I tried something new # 2

I went to visit a new playgroup in the next suburb this morning.

I actually met a 'new' neighbour (#4 behind /on our side boundary fence) of 2.5 yrs.
'K' knew who I was straight away when I introduced myself.

Though I had no idea who she was Hi 'Kirsten'.
Maybe ... she just knew my boys' NAMES ...
Quietly I call them NOT.

She said she doesn't miss the DRUMS.

I met her gorgeous lil man, 10 months old ...C
I thought they had 2 girls - no they don't.

She told me the other neighbours that face our outdoor living area (#3 on the fence line) have a 9 month old son ...
What the ?

Though DH did think he saw a baby walker & a little head whiz by their glass deck doors a few weeks ago and we saw a high chair on the deck.

They both have main living areas that face away from us - frontage is to a little cul-de-sac and their outdoor areas are in the front.
We have a view of a few of K's windows. They build very close to the fence.

Neighbour #3 has a small deck that overlooks us and 2 large Labrador dogs - we hear them alright.It's also very close to our fence only higher.
I hardly see her and I never noticed her pregnant ...nor have I seen a baby of 9 months.Their kitchen is behind that blind/deck area  - the blind is not normally down.

Well now K knows we have plans to move  - she learned something new too.
How well do you know your neighbours ?
What happened to neighbour 'hood' watch ?

Yesterday I saw & spoke to our 'front' neighbour's wife for the first time in months ... as I was putting the bins out she came home. We had a chit chat.

(We see her hubby & kids more often).

Have you tried anything new this week ?

Come and share Kymmie's @A day in the life of us "This week I tried something new"
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday - The Olive Tree

"The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven, I can scarcely expect bread."Thomas Jefferson.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

happy 21st

No it's not my birthday , I am at least twice that number ...

It's the 21st today - so why am I happy.

I just realised yesterday I'd completed day 21 of 27 runs of the Couch to 5K.
I can report -it is still no easier.

I still huff and puff and wonder where the heck are the happy endorphins they promised.
I still ache (that is more to do with my fitness level and taking up running at my age ;).

Please don't let me put you off. It is do-able ...I just finished week 7. 
If I can do it you can too.

Shelley @ My Shoebox life completed the program last year and blogged every run.I am in awe.

I definitely don't plan on marathon running maybe a few charity runs like the Mother's Day classic.

I'm  motivated to live a life of purpose and at least do something 'good' if I have to stay fit.

I also don't want to come tripping over the finish line last .

I want to look good doing it. So I can't believe my lucky stars I won this over at Mrs Woog's ...least now I have a 4 min routine...though perhaps I need 40 minutes.

I can now look more part of a older yummy mummy instead of a granny . 

Go see Mrs Woog's adorable new kitten , Chuy Lewis and then come back and see mine...or yours if you want one...
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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Soccer Mum Extraordinaire

I was recently asked to interview Stacy Learmont ,a young mum, who plays football (soccer) for Perth Glory. Stacey is the only mum in the league.

The popularity of girls & women playing soccer is on the increase. I was once very tempted to play in our local club's women (mostly mums) team when my eldest son was a junior player the time it didn't work out . My son's team needed a manager and I couldn't do both. I enjoyed watching soccer and seeing my son play.Then I fell pregnant with my daughter. Then twins ...

My SIL's family is football (soccer) crazy and they have even traveled to see the Men's FIFA World Cup in 2004 - right when my twins were born . One of the Paediatricians at their birth wore her team tattoo on her face.

Introducing Stacey ...
Stacey is SAHM of daughter, Olivia 17 months) , she also does the accounting for her husband’s business from home and is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education). She grew up in a family of 7 children , 3 sisters and 1 brother also play football. Stacey started her football career at 14yrs.

1.    How do you manage your time being a mother,studying,working for your husband and playing for the Perth Glory

I find that motherhood has made me become a lot more organised. I plan each day as much as I can in advance so that I can find time for all the important things in life. My husband Grant and I share the responsibilities at home, which really helps. My whole family was very supportive when I mentioned the idea of playing again this season, so we are never short of a baby sitter when we need one.

2.    Did you have a hard time working your way back to peak fitness after having Olivia?

It was very hard at first not being able to exercise strenuously while I was pregnant, but I found new ways to keep active.   I found that social aspects made a good substitute for the  competitive ones and enjoyed walking and swimming with friends.  Coaching was a new challenge and good substitute for playing soccer, but I must admit that I was very enthusiastic when I was able to train again. It was daunting to begin with and I did struggle with some injuries in the beginning but I now find myself back to full fitness. 

3.    What are your tips for new mums about staying in shape ?

Of course I believe it is important to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, but we all know that this becomes a lot more complicated when the little ones come into the equation. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out for yourself to exercise because a happy, healthy mum is the best kind. Find ways to incorporate the kids into your daily exercise routine; a walk with the pram or some morning stretching is a great way to start the day, for mum and bub. My daughter and I have an understanding – Mummy needs to go to soccer training just as much as Olivia has to keep up with her swimming lessons!

4.    What do you see as the benefits of playing team sport – physical and psychological ?

Team sport is a great way to meet friends, keep fit and have fun. I have met a lot of my friends through my sport and get a great deal of enjoyment from it.  Team sport also allows you to learn a lot about working with others , which can assist you throughout life. You in addition stay fit and healthy  and have friends for life.

5.    Do you sisters also play for Perth Glory ? 

No, but two of my sisters play with me at queens park soccer club in the premier league.

6.    What are your tips for mums who juggle being a mother and a professional footballer or other sportsperson
Both motherhood and being a professional are two great achievements. I think you need to have balance in your life and know that both things are important.

7.    What do you see in the future for The National women’s football league ?

Over the last two years we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of women’s football and I believe the game is destined to only get bigger and better.  With even more young talented player to be discovered I can foresee major success from women’s football both with in Australia and on an international level.
Thanks Stacey good luck with your football career.

Women in football need support.They would love to get more people down to cheer on the girls in the National women’s football league – the Westfield W-League across Australia . Giving them – the attention they deserve.

The girls are highly talented but are yet to gain the same amount of exposure as the men even though they have been very successful at an international level – winning last year’s Asian Cup and making it to the quarter finals at the last World Cup.

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 will be the sixth instance of the FIFA Women's World Cup, the quadrennial international women's football world championship tournament. It has been scheduled to take place between 26 June and 17 July 2011, and it will be held in Germany which won the right to host the event in October 2007.-Wikipedia

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Grateful Saturday

Whiskers on kittens and watching them play- is there anything sweeter ? I will miss them ...maybe one day

Finding our GPS (lost and found in back seat pocket detritus) . I'm a numbers girl and I feel in control knowing how far I have come and knowing I have directions to move forward...still with a choice of going my own way. I am not so grateful for the 4yr echo (Sam is in training for back seat driving Olympics.)

My new Rubbermaid mop I won ...going to floor test it today.(thanks Dannii)

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Things I know - Letting Go

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life.
Kittens are very cute. 

 Even the mere thought of not having those furry little bundles in our life squeezes my heart in pain. Plus my little boys will be :-(

Even when they are darn cute -it's still hard to find a new home.

It's necessary to let go so that each of them can fulfill their life path !

There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.
-- Author Unknown

Anyone ?

PS My apologies for poor quality images , it was hard to catch them still , in the garage semi darkness and on my ipod.
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Thursday, 17 February 2011

This week I tried something new ...

a day in the life of us

For a few weeks I have been wanting to join in Kymmie's @A day in the life of us "This week I tried something new"

This week I can actually report two  three* new things - the most important being -

#1 I started the 31 days to build a better blog. It's a new way of looking why and how I blog and how to improve it.

#2 The last two weeks the Brothers and I have had 4 trips to the Dentist - it is about 25 kms away. I normally go the same way , have done for years. Yesterday , it took me over 45 mins - average speed under well 60km per hour (my guess- don't bother with the maths it's not the point).

Yesterday was trip 3 - I got every red traffic light, the train at railway crossing and every slow or ignorant driver possible (those who drive slow in the right lane especially). Lucky I did not have any children with me  as I raced to the Dentist - who if you are even 3 mins later will postpone the procedure.I just made it.

Today I decide to use the recently re - discovered  GPS (lost in the depths of the pocket behind the passenger seat -oops my fault). I put in the address and it suggested a different way , totally bypassing the old way except for first 2-3 and 500m. I wasn't sure because the GPS has a nasty habit of sending me a longer way or the wrong way.

I digress here ...Sunday night while a was towing a 23ft trailer it sent me up a dead end NO Through Road, it just a short street where they had blocked the road from the Great Western HWY. I didn't see it till it was too late as it was on a slight incline . I can tow a trailer for 300kms , turn corners but not reverse trailers - EVER. Well without it ending up the wrong direction.

My hubby, also towing a 32ft trailer with the truck, was stopped up another road waiting for me to bring dinner ... $#*! I knew for him to turn around and help me would have been quite a feat too.
What did I do ...lets just say I went up the curb , drove across the grass verge, a driveway and continued on my way =) - never mind the bumps.
Okay - so back to today. I tried the new way and it only took about 30 mins. I still got red lights, though I am sure - less and no waiting over 5mins at the railway crossing.It was mostly 2 lanes all the way too. I knew this way existed but I'd never I tried it. It's the new best way.

I could add I also gave myself an extra 15 mins (count that as the #4 new thing because I am always leaving at the last minute possible)

Day #3 of 31DBBB is to promote a blog post.

Joining in memes like Kymmie's is an excellent way to self promote , and even better if it is a blog hop. It will show on all participating blogs who add the blog hop code. I know at the moment I get a lot of visits via Maxabella  loves Grateful blog hop. We all promote each others' posts .

I try to promote other blogs regularly.  When I host Wordless Wednesday I tweet their tweet buttons at the bottom of their post after I comment. I will tweet a link myself in the form of a brief comment. I have yet to add those buttons myself ...another thing to add to my blog makeover.

I also have # Wordless Wednesday search column in my Tweetdeck and if I see bloggers I recognise I will yretweet. It's important to me to do this as an appreciative gesture - since quite a few of them link back to my blog because I am the host. It helps promote and share the linky love.

Already , I have been Re-Tweeting those bloggers I follow with 31DBBB tweet posts too.

In the past I have stumbled a few posts too. It is one tool I could use more.

I have to decide about adding a widget for 'blogs I follow recent posts with title's'. The 'kind' that says when the last post was updated. Often I will click over blog hopping from one to another without passing Go on my google reader if I see a title that catches my interest.

How else do you promote yourself and other blogs ?
Have you tried something new this week ? Please go tell Kymmie.

FYBF is being kindly hosted by gorgeous  Glowless this week

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's an Emergency ...

Do you, your visitors, family & friends know these important numbers ?
Do you have leave a list on your fridge for carers ?


  1.  AUSTRALIA FIRE/POLICE/AMBULANCE                    000 

  2. Poisons Information Centre 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, Australia wide           13 11 26   
  3. *Healthcare Direct 24 hour health advice line When it's not an emergency ~  1800 022 222
    (EXCEPT Victoria)

  4. *Pregnancy Birth & Baby helpline                                                        1800 882 436

  5. Alternative Emergency Number Mobile Phones ONLY                                     112

  6. Doctor Phone Number 1 ____________________________________________

    Doctor Phone Number 2 ____________________________________________

  7. Local Hospital ____________________________________________________

  8. Our address ____________________________________________


  9. My phone number is ___________________________________ or

  10. Mobile    _______________________________________________

  11. STATE emergency services SES  : _______________________________________
    (Check for your own state's number) 
  12. VET     _____________________________________________________

It might seem strange having phone numbers and address of your own home but if you are not there or the one injured would your child , friends or relatives know your actual street address, especially in the stress of an emergency, to tell an operator.

You might also add first names / last names of yourself / children if they are different . Remember to keep an ICE (In CASE OF EMERGENCY) number in your mobile phone too- so if somethings happens to you they know who to contact.

*The 24-hour telephone health advice lines is currently available to residents of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Tasmania, South Australia and WA.

Important Victoria only has a
NURSE ON CALL SERVICE               1300 60 60 24

PS  I wanted to do it as a PDF so it could be printed but I never had the time to search how...It is now on my to do.New blogger formating is a nightmare. 

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Wordless Wednesday - Double time ... to the beat of my heart

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-not sure why ?

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Elevator Pitch

I still don't know why I am doing this or why I blog.

I've decided to tag along with the Louisa & Aussie Mum bloggers on Darren Rowse's - 31 days to build a better blog challenge. Read the details here.

Day # 1 Mission / Challenge - The Elevator Pitch -the first task is to sell yourself in as few unique words as possible.

I blog about : my family, faith, everyday life parenting preschooler twins and a teenager, what inspires me, encouragement, health, loss, grief, friendship, chaos, reflections on ups & downs of life plus helpful hints with a splash of humour.

I like to share a different viewpoint…mostly my glass is half full whether it is 5'0 clock or not. Otherwise , I love to put the kettle on and have a chat over a cuppa - if you don't mind the noise. I write from the heart though I don't call myself a writer...I always have a lot to say.  

My Tagline - Loving and living life with passion and a purpose, one - no two beats at a time. Hold the bass ! I also know sour grapes makes lousy whine ....!

What do you think ? ...I am reserving the right to edit as required.

PS*I don't even know if I'll get to finish 31 days ; not because I don't want to but we've been planning a short holiday for a year or more months.It's been delayed time after time.My husband would be less than impressed if I spent our holiday on the computer.

So we have plans for a short holiday as soon as my husband finishes up a few things at our business premises maybe in the next two weeks. We have been winding down most of our business activities the last 10 months.

Seventeen years in our own business. Mostly we have just snatched a few days away here and there, in between working together fulltime (except since the twins arrived 4.5yrs ago). My DH decided it wasn't worth it anymore especially with since his cancer diagnosis. Life is too short not to have more fun. It made us reassess life and how we live it.

We are still going to take a break for a few months after we sell our house but a one week holiday is first up asap.

There have been many hurdles to jump to get this far, the light at the end of the tunnel is still a long way away but we are closer than we ever have been.We also had to wait till DH's appointment last week.
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Friday, 11 February 2011

Grateful Saturday - Good news

The good news that my husband's PET scan which checks for fast growing cells / cancer activity was clear. It was such a huge relief. Immense. He still has a way to go and more appointments down the track . I'm here for him every step of it.

Celebrating 21 years of marriage - The Good ,The Bad and The Beautiful.

For my Mum (Nanny) who came to babysit so we could go out for dinner on our anniversary, even though she had worked all day and had an early start. The boys love their Nanny so much. I love my mum and I'm so grateful for her.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

21 years ... Good, bad and beautiful

21 years ago today I walked down the aisle and promised to love honor and cherish my best friend.It is a decision I have never regretted (well 99% of time ) !! I love him beyond measure and I am so proud to be his wife.

I don't want to give any illusion that we have a perfect marriage ...some days far from it. We have had struggles & strife in our relationship.

Still , I'm grateful in a way words cannot define that my husband has stood by with me through good, bad and beautiful , in sunshine and in rain and through all mannner of storms.

I often think of all we have been through together, the brilliant and not so. Life having thrown us what we least expected but we survived by the grace of God. The last year especially.

There is so much assvice on the dress, the flowers, the ceremony, the pictures, the cake and chosing a honeymoon destination . There's not to so much on how to get back on your feet when the metephorical rug has been pulled from underneath you.

Or how your marriage can struggle to survive infertility, stillbirth , unwanted advice from 'outsiders', parenting teenagers and serious illness ... cancer for example. Sometimes you walk through blindly and hope none of the hurdles trip and overwhelm you completely .When paddling up $#!+ creek you just pray you don't fall in and/or drown's hard to keep breathing sometimes too.

I still don't have the answers.

This gem was found at the bottom of the a page under a 'recipe'. I think it is worth sharing! Enjoy

...but he is very fond of Chocolate .
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