Monday, 21 February 2011

happy 21st

No it's not my birthday , I am at least twice that number ...

It's the 21st today - so why am I happy.

I just realised yesterday I'd completed day 21 of 27 runs of the Couch to 5K.
I can report -it is still no easier.

I still huff and puff and wonder where the heck are the happy endorphins they promised.
I still ache (that is more to do with my fitness level and taking up running at my age ;).

Please don't let me put you off. It is do-able ...I just finished week 7. 
If I can do it you can too.

Shelley @ My Shoebox life completed the program last year and blogged every run.I am in awe.

I definitely don't plan on marathon running maybe a few charity runs like the Mother's Day classic.

I'm  motivated to live a life of purpose and at least do something 'good' if I have to stay fit.

I also don't want to come tripping over the finish line last .

I want to look good doing it. So I can't believe my lucky stars I won this over at Mrs Woog's ...least now I have a 4 min routine...though perhaps I need 40 minutes.

I can now look more part of a older yummy mummy instead of a granny . 

Go see Mrs Woog's adorable new kitten , Chuy Lewis and then come back and see mine...or yours if you want one...
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