Thursday, 17 February 2011

This week I tried something new ...

a day in the life of us

For a few weeks I have been wanting to join in Kymmie's @A day in the life of us "This week I tried something new"

This week I can actually report two  three* new things - the most important being -

#1 I started the 31 days to build a better blog. It's a new way of looking why and how I blog and how to improve it.

#2 The last two weeks the Brothers and I have had 4 trips to the Dentist - it is about 25 kms away. I normally go the same way , have done for years. Yesterday , it took me over 45 mins - average speed under well 60km per hour (my guess- don't bother with the maths it's not the point).

Yesterday was trip 3 - I got every red traffic light, the train at railway crossing and every slow or ignorant driver possible (those who drive slow in the right lane especially). Lucky I did not have any children with me  as I raced to the Dentist - who if you are even 3 mins later will postpone the procedure.I just made it.

Today I decide to use the recently re - discovered  GPS (lost in the depths of the pocket behind the passenger seat -oops my fault). I put in the address and it suggested a different way , totally bypassing the old way except for first 2-3 and 500m. I wasn't sure because the GPS has a nasty habit of sending me a longer way or the wrong way.

I digress here ...Sunday night while a was towing a 23ft trailer it sent me up a dead end NO Through Road, it just a short street where they had blocked the road from the Great Western HWY. I didn't see it till it was too late as it was on a slight incline . I can tow a trailer for 300kms , turn corners but not reverse trailers - EVER. Well without it ending up the wrong direction.

My hubby, also towing a 32ft trailer with the truck, was stopped up another road waiting for me to bring dinner ... $#*! I knew for him to turn around and help me would have been quite a feat too.
What did I do ...lets just say I went up the curb , drove across the grass verge, a driveway and continued on my way =) - never mind the bumps.
Okay - so back to today. I tried the new way and it only took about 30 mins. I still got red lights, though I am sure - less and no waiting over 5mins at the railway crossing.It was mostly 2 lanes all the way too. I knew this way existed but I'd never I tried it. It's the new best way.

I could add I also gave myself an extra 15 mins (count that as the #4 new thing because I am always leaving at the last minute possible)

Day #3 of 31DBBB is to promote a blog post.

Joining in memes like Kymmie's is an excellent way to self promote , and even better if it is a blog hop. It will show on all participating blogs who add the blog hop code. I know at the moment I get a lot of visits via Maxabella  loves Grateful blog hop. We all promote each others' posts .

I try to promote other blogs regularly.  When I host Wordless Wednesday I tweet their tweet buttons at the bottom of their post after I comment. I will tweet a link myself in the form of a brief comment. I have yet to add those buttons myself ...another thing to add to my blog makeover.

I also have # Wordless Wednesday search column in my Tweetdeck and if I see bloggers I recognise I will yretweet. It's important to me to do this as an appreciative gesture - since quite a few of them link back to my blog because I am the host. It helps promote and share the linky love.

Already , I have been Re-Tweeting those bloggers I follow with 31DBBB tweet posts too.

In the past I have stumbled a few posts too. It is one tool I could use more.

I have to decide about adding a widget for 'blogs I follow recent posts with title's'. The 'kind' that says when the last post was updated. Often I will click over blog hopping from one to another without passing Go on my google reader if I see a title that catches my interest.

How else do you promote yourself and other blogs ?
Have you tried something new this week ? Please go tell Kymmie.

FYBF is being kindly hosted by gorgeous  Glowless this week

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