Saturday, 26 February 2011

Grateful Saturday - social networking

This week I was gratefully reminded of the benefits of social networking.It has paved the way for easier communication with my friends, family and other friends I only know by avatar, alias or user name.

In just a few clicks people are connected by common interests, a purpose, and goal*(see below). People from all walks of life also get to mingle with each other from the comfort of our computer or anywhere now we have mobile phone access.

Through a message on my Facebook status I found a new home for two of our kittens - now named Neva & Jacob with R and her family.

I met R through an online parenting forum before my twins were born. I also met her twice in real life at forum meet ups too when they were babes. To be honest we're more online acquaintances than friends but I am so glad she was on my friends list. I wasn't having much luck with real life friends in finding a home for the kittens.I also got to see Neva & Jacob with R's little girls on her FB photos and could show my own boys.

Social networking on twitter or FB also allows us to instantly share knowledge, ask questions or have a quick rant and get instant answers or a little virtual TLC.

Little Bloggy Blood Drive
See this button also it is also in my sidebar. Liz @ Lizosaurus is organising a bloggy blood donation drive in April at new Town Hall blood centre.It's amazing we can connect together with a purpose to achieve a common goal and met up...will you join us. 

Blood donation is a gift those whose lives depend on it are always grateful for.
So, what's making you smile today?
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