Thursday, 24 February 2011

This week I tried something new # 2

I went to visit a new playgroup in the next suburb this morning.

I actually met a 'new' neighbour (#4 behind /on our side boundary fence) of 2.5 yrs.
'K' knew who I was straight away when I introduced myself.

Though I had no idea who she was Hi 'Kirsten'.
Maybe ... she just knew my boys' NAMES ...
Quietly I call them NOT.

She said she doesn't miss the DRUMS.

I met her gorgeous lil man, 10 months old ...C
I thought they had 2 girls - no they don't.

She told me the other neighbours that face our outdoor living area (#3 on the fence line) have a 9 month old son ...
What the ?

Though DH did think he saw a baby walker & a little head whiz by their glass deck doors a few weeks ago and we saw a high chair on the deck.

They both have main living areas that face away from us - frontage is to a little cul-de-sac and their outdoor areas are in the front.
We have a view of a few of K's windows. They build very close to the fence.

Neighbour #3 has a small deck that overlooks us and 2 large Labrador dogs - we hear them alright.It's also very close to our fence only higher.
I hardly see her and I never noticed her pregnant ...nor have I seen a baby of 9 months.Their kitchen is behind that blind/deck area  - the blind is not normally down.

Well now K knows we have plans to move  - she learned something new too.
How well do you know your neighbours ?
What happened to neighbour 'hood' watch ?

Yesterday I saw & spoke to our 'front' neighbour's wife for the first time in months ... as I was putting the bins out she came home. We had a chit chat.

(We see her hubby & kids more often).

Have you tried anything new this week ?

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