Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Summer days ...slipping away

It's the first day of Autumn and it is cooler today, though still humid. I've noticed the last week the mornings are cooler, the grass is dewy. 

Summer days will soon be slipping away as Autumn gets a grip. I love Autumn as it means cooler days but more than enough sunshine and light with gentle breezes to enjoy the outdoors.

As the nights get cooler I'll get my slow cooker out and begin inhaling the comfort food we all love. My downfall rich sauces and meat.

Eight weeks under my belt. I am now at week 9 of the Couch to 5km program, two more runs to go but that's not the end.

I'm now running 30 mins in one go. Incredibly ! hard for me to even imagine and complete ! .I doubt I have ever done this ... not that I can remember anyway on a regular basis. I do remember running a little.
I have plans to register for the Mother's Day classic (Annual funDraiser for Breast Cancer) , just deciding whether to do the 4 or 8km run , or to travel to Wollongong and do a 5km run. I want to make it a little challenging but not to hard. Race day is 10 weeks away Sunday May 8th.

22 years ago I rode a 'push' bike 1100kms+ from Melbourne to Sydney (one way riding 12 days of 15 days). I did some running as part of my training and fitness preparation - (I was 22 then so it was easier.)

I need to learn basic stretches and do some strength training (at home). The MDC has some preparation guidelines for all the different length runs/walks so I am trialling the beginners to 8km. I started today -it has longer run sessions and shorter faster sessions with some cross training/strength exercises.

On the weight front I haven't lost much at all (all that exercise makes me hungry ). I know I am fitter and my endurance has improved. So that is good overall.

I'm not overweight but the kilos have been creeping on and up again the last year or two. I am at the top end of my healthy weight range. It is so easy to 'inhale' food  >one chocolate bar is the equivalent of an hours walking or running. Nutritious food also has just as many calories I've noticed if you enjoy even reasonable servings.

My aim is to ultimately lose a few kilos more to get back to my goal weight.

It is about balance and what he said ...

PS :No offense intended just saying there is the element of truth in this for me too.By the way the you tube site has some very poor taste comments I don't agree with, at all. Never miss a post
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