Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A moment on the lips ...snippets

You are what you eat,so they say ... in that case we might all be raising little Happy Meals if kids had their way LOL.Though my boys only eat the fries at the moment.

Three times daily I am faced with the challenge of getting (and then waiting) for my kids to eat , as I try to make sense of the weird relationship they 'enjoy' with food. Surely chocolate is a vegetable ...cocoa beans grow on trees !

I can't complain one 2 yr old eats most vegetables including beans & broccoli except potato (unless it is chipped). He also likes baked beans (and doesn't mind a few m& m's mixed in ,,,his own doing).

The other twin - not much vegetable matter is ingested - he has a knack of sending it on a magical mystery tour to the floor when I blink. He is slowly eating one bean (tonight it was cut into 10 pieces with a mini M & M chaser after each bite). I am so thank ful he eats meat.

Me, I have no problem with any cuisine. I used to worry that an indulgent snack enjoyed momentarily on the lips would spend a lifetime on my hips but know I am older and wider wiser I know better. My suggestions ...
  • To ease the impact of a chocolate treat ...15mins of high impact aerobics (...man it is so hard to follow and keep up with a body step class ?) or maybe you could skip it ?
  • Making beds for 63mins ... imagine it , do it and you can drink that can of 'cola' guilt free ...pity my 2 yr old dropped one today and I had to drink what didn't spurt out all over the kitchen. I had already made the beds too.
  • If your breakfast was a 'muffin' and latte ...morning tea should be a 2.5 hr body step class[ ...1 hr (once) killed me] ...but it beats a muffin top.
  • ? Pizza your thing ...three pieces means 2.5 hrs of shaking your boobies and whatever other wobbly bits groove to a tune to beat it.
So does wearing black pants* make your bum look smaller ?

Feeling hungry for an answer ... well it might save you a 'bit' of exercising and dieting [ Dare I Eat That ].Black does make your 'bottom' look smaller ...it's true.

WHY ? in black clothing (especially matt pants jeans /trousers) so they 'reckon' - shadows are invisible and your shape appears flatter . The shape of your 'rear end' is inferred from the slight shadows cast by the contour ... not so much in black .Though beware in profile your true size will be revealed (so that is why most gym pants come in black)
  • ...so maybe it is same for the little black dress !
Well that is enough to chew on today.

*Trousers/Jeans /Slacks ...the ones with long legs not underwear!

PS We all, don't we, know fish don't have fingers and chickens don't have balls.
PPS Days of Grace will be back tomorrow ...got to go to bed.

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Weekly Winners 8 2009

February 15th - 21st edition 8

Sonday ...my favourite day

Now please go see more Weekly winners at ... Lotus's or else ...you'll miss some great shots
Ps Check out our first day of preschool/daycare pics here

Days of Grace 20/365
  1. Climbing out of bed every morning
  2. Running out of toilet paper ...then finding the one you left to dry ? on the windowsill ...dry :) !
  3. Small boy who fetches new toilet roll
  4. Soft toilet paper ...mmm
  5. Discovering new 4 legged friends in the neighbourhood ...we will come back another day with some carrots or bread

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Friday, 20 February 2009

Days of Grace in small things

Days of Grace 18/365
  1. Climbing into bed at night
  2. especially when it has been freshly made up with crisp clean sheets!
  3. looking out on my garden from my bedroom
  4. Smelling scented roses
  5. Rambunctious laughter of small boys in the morning PLEASE at least after 7 AM
Days of Grace 19/365
  1. A hot cup of tea
  2. Email from a friend
  3. Rambunctious laughter of small boys anytime ...except bed time
  4. Scented rose petals
  5. Blogging from the bedroom (of the Brothers) via wireless Internet
I am so behind in awarding awards, doing memes I 've been lumbered tagged , listing my a few winnings and returning comments but I'm working on it ;). I just have a lot going on right now.

It harder than I thought it would be to list the simple grace in small things ... because each day the same small things bring me the most joy ... I can't imagine life without them.

Tomorrow brings another new day and I am thankful for that most of anything. Bring it on.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wordless Wednesday - too cool for preskool

Days of Grace 17/365
  1. Toddler(s) excitement
  2. "Hold my hand, Mummy"
  3. See you soon kisses
  4. Smooth departure
  5. Promises of a happy day

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Separation Anxiety 101

Last October I visited two childcare centres with a view to booking my boys in for just one day a week ...it took me two months to get that far.

I think I’ve been experiencing separation anxiety ever since.

Now it is crunch time I could couldn't put it off for ever much longer. I have our 2008 Business and personal tax to finish. I want to make a start on doing some things for myself. I want to give my DH a day off from work every now and then.

*sigh* I never thought it would be so heart wrenching. Though , ok truthfully - most some days I am so glad when they nap for 2-3 hrs I will miss them enormously.

For two and half years my boys hardly left my breast side baring a few hours off for a night out or to donate blood. I have entrusted them only to a few family members. Even at church creche it was just 40 mins and that was only a few times. They didn't like me going either.I knew it was normal toddler separation anxiety.

Three weeks ago I joined the local gym on a $30 for 30 days trial. They had a free creche. So I tried left them. A few times they cried and so did I almost walking out leaving them for an hour or so. I wasn't so worried knowing I was only 30 secs away. The reunions were so heart warming. Choruses of "Hi Mum" , "Mummy" , "Hi Mummy" ...

Now they are happy to attend the creche ...too happy ;).

I knew I had to do it.

Today I did ... I rang up ...they start tomorrow.

I took them there for a quick visit.They loved it. They both joined right in. It is a nice place.

The book says children get over 'separation' anxiety by two years, but no age limit is given for mothers. I know I cannot stay with my boys every minute of every day and even if I could, that wouldn't take care of everything.

It breaks my heart to think there will be no docking into the 'mothership' for a quick hug & kiss when they hurt themselves or are feeling tired or someone takes a toy off them or after they wake up from nap.

Tomorrow, they will take the first tentative , baby steps on journey of a thousand miles towards formalised education ... albeit 'daycare' in ' &^%#$ ' Learning centre ...why can't a 'learning centre' just be called something fun.

There are some steps I can take if they have a problem .Though I know it is me who will need the boxes of Kleenex. It is a mixture of fear, worrying the staff will do as a good a job as I do and the unknown factors ...remembering their sister that I had no choice but to leave.

Saying goodbye to them, even for a few hours, tomorrow will be one of the hardest things I have had to do for a while.

Days of Grace 15/365
  1. Sunshine breaking through the rain
  2. Running in the rain
  3. Walking after rain and before the next shower
  4. Freshly mown grass just before the rain
  5. Raindrops on roses
Days of Grace 16/365
  1. Tuesday playgroup morning teas (yummy)
  2. Toddler nap time ;)
  3. Hi's from MSN or Facebook friends
  4. Chocolate covered Tiny teddy biscuits that keep toddlers quiet while mummy finishes her post
  5. A Hubby who gets up to crying toddlers overnight ...

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Weekly Winners 7 2009

February 8th - 14th edition 7
It's been a rainy week ... so we didn't go far and I didn't get the camera out much

As I set this up ... I noticed the article header

S is adapting well.He can even walk on his cast but he isn't supposed too !

V dinner for two (well three - one twin joined us shortly after)


Caught ...we got up to find them hard at work

"I'll have what he's having ..."
J wanted a sink bath because S had one ..S gets a foot bath on the vanity top

Pensive Before

After ...

new gumboots ~ ready to jump puddles ...
more rain is expected tomorrow (maybe all week ?)
what's a mum to do

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Days of Grace 14/365
  1. New gumboots @ $8.89 a pair
  2. Scented red rose from my Angel's garden
  3. Locks of baby hair ...
  4. My grown up little boys
  5. Privilege of being a mummy

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Smiley Saturday

It has been a very sad and strange week though I 'm not personally affected . I could only watch in horror from the comfort of my home, thousands of miles away from the Victorian bush fires and wished there was something I could do.

It felt wrong to be celebrating. None the less , my everyday life is full of so many mundane fundane, life happens moments.

What made me smile this week ...well it's the small things.

Days of Grace in small things 10/365
  1. Ivy being approved for another 6 months of IVIG
  2. 1 week down of the full cast 4 to go ;). S is getting about as well as he can and still climbing.
  3. Mysterious good news about the kittens from ? ...sneak peek tomorrow
  4. A night out for our 19th Wedding anniversary
  5. Reading books to my boys
  1. The much needed rain ...though I hope Victoria is getting some and northern Queensland isn't
  2. An award from Relish my relish. I still have another from the Bumbles -the lovely "Lemonade Award" ( I'll award them next week)
  3. DVD's for my little fella sent by Le@third on the right
  4. A special , specially chosen (and delivered to my keyboard) card from my husband
  5. Discovering Dark chocolate Malteesers
  1. Blossom joined in Days of Grace in small things too
  2. Roast Lamb with garlic and mint jelly {except in changing my menu plan I didn't realise I was out of potatoes ;) so we had oven fries which thrilled the small 'fries' to bits }
  3. Remembering I won a contest held by Tina @ Mummified x 5 ...for a beautiful tshirt ...just haven't been able to pick one (two) yet
  4. A cheery email from my other bridesmaid (who I saw 3 weeks ago)
  5. The amazing amount of money and donations raised through the telethon.

  1. Spending 5 hrs catching up with my bridesmaid M , after over 10 years
  2. Facebook because it helped me find my bridesmaid M.
  3. Feeling happy by thinking about all the things that make me happy!
  4. Doing a monster shop at Coles along with thousands of other Aussies knowing that all the profits on Friday were going to Bush fire Appeal.Louise has aroundup of some great links.
  5. I found my Silhouette family on Savvy Little Women's blog - she has 5 girls (4 , 2 sets of twins 2 yrs old and 3 months old ... I am stunned I thought I was busy ...)
My Family from WiddlyTinks.com

Visit Lightening for more Smiley Saturday posts.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wordless Wednesday -

David Tree , a courageous Victorian CFA firefighter shared his water with an injured koala ' Sam' at Mirboo North after bush fires swept through Victoria.
(?AP Photo/Mark Pardew)

For donations of money please contact The Salvation Army or the Red Cross 1800 811 700
Deposits at any Westpac,
NAB, ANZ, or Commonwealth Bank branch or Coles.
Latest update from Victorian police is sadly 181 people have lost their lives as a result of the bushfires

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary is today

So another year has swept by and it's our wedding anniversary, again ... It is hard to believe that 19 years have gone by since we stood together and our marriage vows were first spoken...that I married the man I love.
Our future was before us, a blank slate, waiting to be filled with shared dreams and adventures.A future that was filled with all the hope and promise two young twenty-somethings with the world at their feet could ever imagine.

Yes, these past 19 years have been filled with graces from
God.Countless blessings - some better and worse!
in sickness and health !
at times richer and poorer !

Our marriage endured infertility , eagerly awaited the arrival of our adopted son and years later saw the birth of three children.

We have survived owner building a home , living in a caravan, renovations and running our own business and working together for 14 years.We also suffered the loss of our daughter by still birth.

The strength to stay together in the face of these trials has truly been a gift from God; our faith has held us up tremendously.I give thanks to God.

There are no secrets I can share, no recipes for love , no magic formula for why our relationship has out lasted many others. I don’t think M and I are any better at this spouse/husband/wife gig than others around us.

I can't begin to know or understand what all their reasons were, but I’ve no doubt they were good enough reasons. Sometimes there isn't even 'reason' enough.

I’m don't for a minute think or say couples that divorce simply didn’t try hard enough to make it work, or love each other enough, or any other 'enoughs'.

For many people divorce is not the first line of defense. It can happen sometimes when one person is least expecting it. I know that even when a marriage is suffering or plain bad , deciding to end it is painful.

Love is an act of the will, and can be expressed in various degrees. It isn't always truly, madly deeply.
Hard times can rock the boat , sink the love.We have certainly had our share of hard times.

I feel blessed to have found someone I can live with in relative happiness and who can say the same about me or perhaps we just put up with each other faults & all.

Really I wonder if we’ve just been lucky ... meeting as we did on a blind date via the radio (pre internet).

I have some beautiful single friends now in their 40's who wished they weren't still single.

I know the strong feeling is that I shouldn’t ever take for granted what I have and to always put an effort into showing my long suffering dear husband that I appreciate him.I know I am can be difficult to live with sometimes...

May these anniversary quotes light a spark of love, hope and warmth in our heart as well as a little giggle.

"All marriages are happy. It's living together after wards that is difficult."

"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility." - George Levinger

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

"The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly." - Peter De Vries


A tribute to my lover, my best friend, my husband. The one man who knows me so well.

I love you - oh boy how I love you. We have been through so much together. We've endured rough roads, long detours and dangerous curves. Experiences that have just made me love you more and more; with each day, my love for you grows

We have loved, laughed, dreamed,cried and forgiven much - with more of all the above to come. I cannot imagine life without you, M. I pray for you. I will always be right here beside you. I love you to the moon and back and I will love you to the end.

Our days here are often a 'duplicate' of the day before but each day seems fresh and better because of you. I cannot imagine anyone else that I would want to spend this life with. You are my heart - even though we have had some hard times.

I hope that we all have a respite from the struggles and can pause a moment , to just reflect and recognize all that we do have and enjoy it simply for what it is, without thinking about what it is not.

I will be always be your friend , your companion, your lover, your few pairs of shoe owning , low maintenance wife.

Remember where you go, I will go ! I thank God for you daily. "Grow old with me the best is yet to be".

Let us spend the rest of our life together, always with the 'sparks' of love, a feeling of being blessed and may God continue to show us grace and bless us our children.

With all my love… to be continued for many more years.

Disclaimer - Please don’t think I feel better than any one else because I have somehow managed to stay married ...just !

Ps ...He left me a card on my keyboard this morning - he know me so well !

Days of Grace in Small Things 9/365
  1. Countless acts of love
  2. Countless breakfast, lunches & dinners shared
  3. Countless measures of forgiveness
  4. 4 precious children (~1 born sleeping~)
  5. How do you measure the pleasure in the years ? ... 525,600 @ 19

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Cool Comfort

Today, was much cooler. The rain started here. I wish it was down there in Victoria for their sakes.

Today we heard progressively worst updates on the number of lives lost - the worst natural disaster in Australia's history.

I wanted to cry for the huge loss of life now 130.I feel numb and I don't know what else to say.It will take people a long time to come to terms with this. Lives shattered.

Though the fire has not impacted on my life personally , except we had someone call our business asking for help to provide assistance. Even from the safety of a couple of thousand kilometres away, the threat of fire scares me .I cry when people tell their stories.

5000 homeless.When I try to imagine their pain, their tragedy, of whole families being trapped in their cars last, calls to family and though less of a loss - homes and possessions, ...it’s heart breaking.

I can't do much to help but I can go shopping or donate. I saw this press release.

This Friday 13th Coles will donate profits from its 750 stores nationally to the Government’s Bushfire Appeal Fund in partnership with the Red Cross.

You will also be able to donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund at all Coles stores through the checkouts.

Coles Managing Director Ian McLeod said "Like everyone in the community, we’ve been shocked by the devastation these fires have wrought, and we extend our deepest sympathies to those who’ve suffered loss in this terrible event," Mr McLeod said.

Mr McLeod said the size of this Friday’s donation would depend on customer support, but could be several million dollars.

"We hope Australians will help us make this Friday’s donation as substantial as possible."

To donate blood call the Red Cross on 131 495

For donations of money please contact The Salvation Army or the Red Cross 1800 811 700

Please also donate any clothes, blankets or furniture to your nearest Salvation Army or other charity collection point.

I am thinking of the Flood victims in Queensland too.

My Menu Plan Monday ... though subject to change and a whim - Exclusively food is such a delicious site.

Monday - Meatballs & Tomato sauce or this one
Tuesday - Anniversary dinner OUT
Wednesday - Chicken & Pasta Bake
Thursday - Mini Quiches & Salad
Friday - Steak Diane & Potato Gratin
Saturday - Valentine Dinner for two IN ...to be a surprise but Monkey see will have ideas for me no doubt.
Sunday - Roast Lamb and vegies

I still feel guilty :( thinking about food and even cooking or eating it.

Days of Grace 8/365
  1. The cool change
  2. Bettina's prayer
  3. Rain tonight
  4. My home
  5. Survival stories ...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Weekly Winners 6 2009

February 1st - 7th edition 6
It's been a hot week ...the quality of my indoor photos isn't great - due to the heat we've had all the curtain closed and lights off to save power.

white fluffy orb

Before ...after a week it was thilthy & threadbare

After - the tough stuff

New wheels ...(he discovered this by himself)

Construction time with Dad

Rar !! A Little Scary Dinosaur
Sad ...I'm over it

Seriously ...I said no more photos

Well one more ! Cheers ...

& Sweet dreams under your fluffy pillow

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Days of Grace 6 & 7 / 365
  1. Icecream in a cone
  2. Neck snuggles
  3. My new dish rack
  4. Lindt Choc balls
  5. I didn't have to cook dinner ...or wash up

  1. Chilled water
  2. Grilled steak
  3. Air conditioning when 42c ...
  4. The cool change
  5. Volunteer organisations who put their lives on the line.

Please spare a prayer and a thought for those affected by the horrific bush fires. Pray for the volunteer firefighters that, right now, are out there risking their lives to save lives and properties in the fury of the fires from hell.Darkest day in Victoria's history

66 lives lost so far and rising
over 650 homes/properties destroyed and whole towns wiped off the map

Thousands of hectares of land, countless numbers of wildlife and livestock. All perished in the most horrific circumstances.

Today I am grateful for the firefighters CFA , RFS and other volunteer organisations including the Salvation army , SES and others behind the scenes .Thank you so much for what you do.

I am not affected personally but I feel very emotional and teary with each news broadcast.
How can we not be ...