Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Separation Anxiety 101

Last October I visited two childcare centres with a view to booking my boys in for just one day a week ...it took me two months to get that far.

I think I’ve been experiencing separation anxiety ever since.

Now it is crunch time I could couldn't put it off for ever much longer. I have our 2008 Business and personal tax to finish. I want to make a start on doing some things for myself. I want to give my DH a day off from work every now and then.

*sigh* I never thought it would be so heart wrenching. Though , ok truthfully - most some days I am so glad when they nap for 2-3 hrs I will miss them enormously.

For two and half years my boys hardly left my breast side baring a few hours off for a night out or to donate blood. I have entrusted them only to a few family members. Even at church creche it was just 40 mins and that was only a few times. They didn't like me going either.I knew it was normal toddler separation anxiety.

Three weeks ago I joined the local gym on a $30 for 30 days trial. They had a free creche. So I tried left them. A few times they cried and so did I almost walking out leaving them for an hour or so. I wasn't so worried knowing I was only 30 secs away. The reunions were so heart warming. Choruses of "Hi Mum" , "Mummy" , "Hi Mummy" ...

Now they are happy to attend the creche ...too happy ;).

I knew I had to do it.

Today I did ... I rang up ...they start tomorrow.

I took them there for a quick visit.They loved it. They both joined right in. It is a nice place.

The book says children get over 'separation' anxiety by two years, but no age limit is given for mothers. I know I cannot stay with my boys every minute of every day and even if I could, that wouldn't take care of everything.

It breaks my heart to think there will be no docking into the 'mothership' for a quick hug & kiss when they hurt themselves or are feeling tired or someone takes a toy off them or after they wake up from nap.

Tomorrow, they will take the first tentative , baby steps on journey of a thousand miles towards formalised education ... albeit 'daycare' in ' &^%#$ ' Learning centre ...why can't a 'learning centre' just be called something fun.

There are some steps I can take if they have a problem .Though I know it is me who will need the boxes of Kleenex. It is a mixture of fear, worrying the staff will do as a good a job as I do and the unknown factors ...remembering their sister that I had no choice but to leave.

Saying goodbye to them, even for a few hours, tomorrow will be one of the hardest things I have had to do for a while.

Days of Grace 15/365
  1. Sunshine breaking through the rain
  2. Running in the rain
  3. Walking after rain and before the next shower
  4. Freshly mown grass just before the rain
  5. Raindrops on roses
Days of Grace 16/365
  1. Tuesday playgroup morning teas (yummy)
  2. Toddler nap time ;)
  3. Hi's from MSN or Facebook friends
  4. Chocolate covered Tiny teddy biscuits that keep toddlers quiet while mummy finishes her post
  5. A Hubby who gets up to crying toddlers overnight ...

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