Saturday, 14 February 2009

Smiley Saturday

It has been a very sad and strange week though I 'm not personally affected . I could only watch in horror from the comfort of my home, thousands of miles away from the Victorian bush fires and wished there was something I could do.

It felt wrong to be celebrating. None the less , my everyday life is full of so many mundane fundane, life happens moments.

What made me smile this week ...well it's the small things.

Days of Grace in small things 10/365
  1. Ivy being approved for another 6 months of IVIG
  2. 1 week down of the full cast 4 to go ;). S is getting about as well as he can and still climbing.
  3. Mysterious good news about the kittens from ? ...sneak peek tomorrow
  4. A night out for our 19th Wedding anniversary
  5. Reading books to my boys
  1. The much needed rain ...though I hope Victoria is getting some and northern Queensland isn't
  2. An award from Relish my relish. I still have another from the Bumbles -the lovely "Lemonade Award" ( I'll award them next week)
  3. DVD's for my little fella sent by Le@third on the right
  4. A special , specially chosen (and delivered to my keyboard) card from my husband
  5. Discovering Dark chocolate Malteesers
  1. Blossom joined in Days of Grace in small things too
  2. Roast Lamb with garlic and mint jelly {except in changing my menu plan I didn't realise I was out of potatoes ;) so we had oven fries which thrilled the small 'fries' to bits }
  3. Remembering I won a contest held by Tina @ Mummified x 5 ...for a beautiful tshirt ...just haven't been able to pick one (two) yet
  4. A cheery email from my other bridesmaid (who I saw 3 weeks ago)
  5. The amazing amount of money and donations raised through the telethon.

  1. Spending 5 hrs catching up with my bridesmaid M , after over 10 years
  2. Facebook because it helped me find my bridesmaid M.
  3. Feeling happy by thinking about all the things that make me happy!
  4. Doing a monster shop at Coles along with thousands of other Aussies knowing that all the profits on Friday were going to Bush fire Appeal.Louise has aroundup of some great links.
  5. I found my Silhouette family on Savvy Little Women's blog - she has 5 girls (4 , 2 sets of twins 2 yrs old and 3 months old ... I am stunned I thought I was busy ...)
My Family from

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Blossom said...

some wonderful small things there.......:)
they made me smile..

nice of you to pop over to my place.;)


tiff said...

Some great things there, Trish. I especially love the first one.
Music to my ears :)

Erin said...

What a wonderful post made me smile

Amanda said...

I love reading about all these small graces.

My favourite today was about the Dark Chocolate Malteesers. I love Malteseers....and I love Dark Chocolate. Going to keep my eyes open for these!

Soralis said...

You are doing amazing at the small things.

Take care

Lightening said...

Yes, the little things ARE so important. It's great to acknowledge them. :)

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