Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary is today

So another year has swept by and it's our wedding anniversary, again ... It is hard to believe that 19 years have gone by since we stood together and our marriage vows were first spoken...that I married the man I love.
Our future was before us, a blank slate, waiting to be filled with shared dreams and adventures.A future that was filled with all the hope and promise two young twenty-somethings with the world at their feet could ever imagine.

Yes, these past 19 years have been filled with graces from
God.Countless blessings - some better and worse!
in sickness and health !
at times richer and poorer !

Our marriage endured infertility , eagerly awaited the arrival of our adopted son and years later saw the birth of three children.

We have survived owner building a home , living in a caravan, renovations and running our own business and working together for 14 years.We also suffered the loss of our daughter by still birth.

The strength to stay together in the face of these trials has truly been a gift from God; our faith has held us up tremendously.I give thanks to God.

There are no secrets I can share, no recipes for love , no magic formula for why our relationship has out lasted many others. I don’t think M and I are any better at this spouse/husband/wife gig than others around us.

I can't begin to know or understand what all their reasons were, but I’ve no doubt they were good enough reasons. Sometimes there isn't even 'reason' enough.

I’m don't for a minute think or say couples that divorce simply didn’t try hard enough to make it work, or love each other enough, or any other 'enoughs'.

For many people divorce is not the first line of defense. It can happen sometimes when one person is least expecting it. I know that even when a marriage is suffering or plain bad , deciding to end it is painful.

Love is an act of the will, and can be expressed in various degrees. It isn't always truly, madly deeply.
Hard times can rock the boat , sink the love.We have certainly had our share of hard times.

I feel blessed to have found someone I can live with in relative happiness and who can say the same about me or perhaps we just put up with each other faults & all.

Really I wonder if we’ve just been lucky ... meeting as we did on a blind date via the radio (pre internet).

I have some beautiful single friends now in their 40's who wished they weren't still single.

I know the strong feeling is that I shouldn’t ever take for granted what I have and to always put an effort into showing my long suffering dear husband that I appreciate him.I know I am can be difficult to live with sometimes...

May these anniversary quotes light a spark of love, hope and warmth in our heart as well as a little giggle.

"All marriages are happy. It's living together after wards that is difficult."

"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility." - George Levinger

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

"The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly." - Peter De Vries


A tribute to my lover, my best friend, my husband. The one man who knows me so well.

I love you - oh boy how I love you. We have been through so much together. We've endured rough roads, long detours and dangerous curves. Experiences that have just made me love you more and more; with each day, my love for you grows

We have loved, laughed, dreamed,cried and forgiven much - with more of all the above to come. I cannot imagine life without you, M. I pray for you. I will always be right here beside you. I love you to the moon and back and I will love you to the end.

Our days here are often a 'duplicate' of the day before but each day seems fresh and better because of you. I cannot imagine anyone else that I would want to spend this life with. You are my heart - even though we have had some hard times.

I hope that we all have a respite from the struggles and can pause a moment , to just reflect and recognize all that we do have and enjoy it simply for what it is, without thinking about what it is not.

I will be always be your friend , your companion, your lover, your few pairs of shoe owning , low maintenance wife.

Remember where you go, I will go ! I thank God for you daily. "Grow old with me the best is yet to be".

Let us spend the rest of our life together, always with the 'sparks' of love, a feeling of being blessed and may God continue to show us grace and bless us our children.

With all my love… to be continued for many more years.

Disclaimer - Please don’t think I feel better than any one else because I have somehow managed to stay married ...just !

Ps ...He left me a card on my keyboard this morning - he know me so well !

Days of Grace in Small Things 9/365
  1. Countless acts of love
  2. Countless breakfast, lunches & dinners shared
  3. Countless measures of forgiveness
  4. 4 precious children (~1 born sleeping~)
  5. How do you measure the pleasure in the years ? ... 525,600 @ 19

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Lilly's Life said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I love visiting your blog because you have a wonderful attitude to life in general. So glad you have had your soul mate by your side all these years. You have made it work despite the challenges. Lovely post and have a great day.

Soralis said...

Happy Anniversary!

Blossom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
What a beautiful post about your hubby.

May you have many more years together.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Bless you heaps on your 19th anniversary. It's wonderful to read how you still appreciate him after so many years together.

CGDK said...

congratulations on your anniversary!!
wow, 19 years married AND you worked together for 14yrs -that's just amazing...Its lovely to see(read?) such love.

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed reading today's post and your take on marriage.

Have a great day and many many more happy years of marriage!

Gemini said...

Happy Anniversary Trish.

May you & your DH have many more happy years together.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Happy anniversary! We'll be married 20 years in August. It's amazing to me what all you do in that amount of time.

womb for improvement said...

Happy Anniversary!

jeanie said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary.

Isn't it also said that marriage was the hardest job but the rewards were worth it?

You were lucky in that you were both working to the same ends - I think most break down because at least one of the equation is working in a different direction.

Childlife said...

Happy anniversary to you both -- such a lovey post, Trish. You've been through a lot together and have become quite a team. Wishing you many, many more lovely years :)

M said...

Happy Anniversary!

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Happy Anniversary - beautiful post.

Amanda said...

This is such a sweet tribute. Happy Anniversary, friend.

M+B said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you xxxx

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