Friday, 20 February 2009

Days of Grace in small things

Days of Grace 18/365
  1. Climbing into bed at night
  2. especially when it has been freshly made up with crisp clean sheets!
  3. looking out on my garden from my bedroom
  4. Smelling scented roses
  5. Rambunctious laughter of small boys in the morning PLEASE at least after 7 AM
Days of Grace 19/365
  1. A hot cup of tea
  2. Email from a friend
  3. Rambunctious laughter of small boys anytime ...except bed time
  4. Scented rose petals
  5. Blogging from the bedroom (of the Brothers) via wireless Internet
I am so behind in awarding awards, doing memes I 've been lumbered tagged , listing my a few winnings and returning comments but I'm working on it ;). I just have a lot going on right now.

It harder than I thought it would be to list the simple grace in small things ... because each day the same small things bring me the most joy ... I can't imagine life without them.

Tomorrow brings another new day and I am thankful for that most of anything. Bring it on.

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Debbie said...

I don't think that is bad at all that the same small things bring you grace in each day. There's a lot to be said for a life that has a rhythm to it and isn't full of new experiences all the time:)

Rachel said...

Hi Trish,

Your blog has inspired me, thanks=)

Natalie Willis said...

Hi Trish,
Thanks so much for stopping by Mandy's site! Your boys are simply DARLING!!!! Too cute for words, my dear! Thank you for sharing your story with us all! Stay in touch!

Soralis said...

I love your Days of Grace in small things!

Tonight I can't wait for those clean crisp sheets in my bed!

Take care

PlanningQueen said...

I love that you are taking time to appreciate the small things that can so easily be under appreciated.

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