Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Post it Tuesday # 25

It's been a busy week. We spent 4 days at the farm last Thursday to Sunday. We got a lot achieved and it felt good to accomplish it together. (I'll post pictures when I find my camera/charger and time to upload them.)

Then my husband had medical appointments Monday & today. I've been personally challenged about the time I spent on social media so I may not be around as much for a while...

I always have a lot to do and when my husband starts his radiation treatment life will undoubtly get busier. He will be tired and then there is the traveling.

It won't always be the big things that wear me down but the battles to clean, cook ,budget and maintain a happy household as well as make sure everyone's needs are met.

I know too much mess in our home feels like a mountain and creates stress when we run late and can't find important things, the chequebook or even the twins preschool gear. When the drawers are empty and the clean laundry is piled high waiting to be folded by the good faeries tempers flare.

Not that these things are important in the bigger picture but the chaos that reigns would have us snip and snap constantly (not to mention the teen using the clothes dryer which send the power bill sky high).

Without some organisation life would be harder , getting basic things done helps minimise the mountains in our lives but a little dust won't hurt (don't look under my bed).

I love these like little snippets of wisdom mostly from Regina Black and I few I found elsewhere.

Don't even ask about my positive affirmations ...

I ♥ Post it Tuesday

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post it Tuesday #23

Friends are treasures and so are the warm comments that have uplifted my spirit.

Did I mention how much I ♥ my internetz friends, even the ones I haven't met in person yet. Being a part of the #Bloggerswithoutmakeup Day was so awesome. Thanks Jodie @MummyMayhem

My real friends are pretty awesome too...though most don't read my blog.

I ♥ Post it Tuesday
PS Failing at my positive affirmations from yesterday ...it's been less than 24hrs so I am starting over ...
PPS I think my teen is really an Alien ...
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Monday, 17 May 2010

Just whistle ...

I saw this over at Sarah's .I am a devotee of positive affirmations and thinking positively (out loud anyway) ...

I admit to stealing using a few of Sarah's , you know, because I just didn't know where to start and they were such good affirmations.

The week ahead is a going to be a good one.

  1. I will be a patient wife and mother.
  2. I will not get engaged in conflict needlessly ...though my teen pushes all my buttons & makes me blow my top. ...I will just start whistling
  3. I will ignore my husband's lack of reaction to #2. la la la
  4. I will keep the peace at all costs.
  5. I will be more thoughtful about the needs of those around me.

    You must be mindful of every interaction with another human being. Approach each person mindfully, with your full attention, smiling, seeking to understand them, trying to interact with gentleness, warmth, compassion.

    When someone comes to talk to you, when your kid tugs on your pant leg for attention, when your spouse or best friend starts speaking, turn to them without distraction, putting everything else away, and give your full attention. Listen... ~ZEN Habits

  6. I will find 5 things for my gratitude list every day.

  7. I will walk my 10,000 steps everyday.

  8. I will take each day as it comes and try not to worry too much ahead.
  9. I will live more simply.
  10. I will go to bed very night by 10pm.
My intentions will be good and I will try my hardest. What are you affirmations for this week ?
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Friday, 14 May 2010

Just Me !

87 photos later ... some really shiny, clean shower shots (LOL not including me) in my absurb attempts to co-ordinate snapping a self portrait with my eyes open , smile on my dial and not look like a total dag.

I am so excited my shower(s) is clean and I wanted to tell you !!

Here is just me without makeup after a day cleaning the showers & bathrooms, doing the laundry ..you know the drill.

PS - I rarely wear makeup anyway.

I dislike (intensely) having my photo taken. I shy away from photos because I have different shaped eyes (from a childhood injury and resulting turn) .As well as a few lumps & bumps (from NF1). I've never felt beautiful but it doesn't worry me most days. Though I've always struggled with being just me.

SO I'm posting this as part of Bloggers Without Makeup. Jodie presented this idea
What a great example we will be to our kids, and also to young girls who think they have to look like a magazine cover all the time. (You DON'T ladies! You are gorgeous as you are!)

It has both a fun and more serious aspect , please check out all these gorgeous ladies. It reminds me of Operation Beautiful ...spread the love !
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

An update ...

So, it wasn't the news we were expecting.

It's not ... though my husband will have to undergo further treatment to beat his cancer. The journey to hope has begun.

Life is still good. My husband isn't sick . Of course we are scared ...
even terrified as we stand on the threshold of this new bridge to cross. It might be a long & winding road but we are not alone.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Charmed & dangerous

WARNING ... on the loose are the marker monsters .

The evidence of the villains partners in crime...

Caught in the act

Making a quick getaway

Do not approach they are charmed & dangerous.

Sheriff Woody didn't stand a chance.

They may be coaxed out of hiding with candy ;) or a camera !

PS A Question ...are they showing off their talents or rebelling against house rules ?

When asked why ..one piped up we didn't have no paper !

Thanks to the ZIG memory marker for being completely removable ...and the brown Crayola washable marker - you guys rock !

Disclaimer - I didn't get angry as it was my fault for lack of supervision ...even if in my defence I thought they were napping. Since I got my camera out I couldn't get cross ... it was funny . I was wordless ...well speechless because I was laughing so much !

Links to stop children writing on the walls #1 #2 #3
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