Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Operation beautiful ... join

...I found this on Carly's blog. It spoke volumes to me. I struggle with my self esteem and beauty or lack of. It makes me anxious that people think less of me.

I feel ugly and very self conscious about my appearance due to the NF and a turn in my eye though not so much my weight as it is the one area I can control.
I know the narrow definiton of beauty as per the fashion industry and media is not one size fits all. My head tells me it doesn't matter but ...

visit www.OperationBeautiful.com to read the latest notes .

I am going to do this ...today in the ladies toilets at church playgroup ;).
To all my beautiful online friends

You are so beautiful ...

off to find my post it notes, if my three year olds have left me any.

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