Monday, 6 July 2009

Weekly Winners 27 2009 Birthday Edition

June 28th -July 5th edition 27

Playgroup ...2yrs 364 days old
Goodnight 2 yr & 364 day old Joel

Goodnight 2yr & 364 day old Sam

Yes, it was a big week and weekend with lots of food consumed, mini cupcakes galore all week
... the scales are hiding under my bed.
The smallest present they opened first boys ♥ chocolate (for breakfast)

Bubble machine
...that we forgot all about at the party
Of course they had to sing Happy birthday to themselves

mmm cake
More cupcakes more birthday...
Playgroup #2
thanks to Planning Queen for the Milky way car idea

Mummy -you didn't light Joel's candles !
(I wanted them to have their own happy birthday sung because they shouldn't have to share everything)
(See the hand ... not mine but 7yr old nephew
I wasn't taking the photos and didn't notice till I uploaded them LOL )

We had lots of balloons ... lots got popped or blew away to angels in the sky ;)
Did I mention cupcakes ?
(I actually made 12 dozen mini cupcakes over the week I kid you not with not a single one left in the house)
Plus Gluten free chocolate ones that TRC brought...mmm

The house is a bomb , though we all had fun ...phew.
We got to meet Blossom (a lovely blogger and her family ) and we're delighted to see our friends from Three Ring circus again.
Happy 3rd Birthday Joel
Happy 3rd Birthday Sam
Weekly Winners is a meme to show off your favourite snaps of the week ,
not a competition so anyone can join in the fun ...
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