Friday, 14 May 2010

Just Me !

87 photos later ... some really shiny, clean shower shots (LOL not including me) in my absurb attempts to co-ordinate snapping a self portrait with my eyes open , smile on my dial and not look like a total dag.

I am so excited my shower(s) is clean and I wanted to tell you !!

Here is just me without makeup after a day cleaning the showers & bathrooms, doing the laundry know the drill.

PS - I rarely wear makeup anyway.

I dislike (intensely) having my photo taken. I shy away from photos because I have different shaped eyes (from a childhood injury and resulting turn) .As well as a few lumps & bumps (from NF1). I've never felt beautiful but it doesn't worry me most days. Though I've always struggled with being just me.

SO I'm posting this as part of Bloggers Without Makeup. Jodie presented this idea
What a great example we will be to our kids, and also to young girls who think they have to look like a magazine cover all the time. (You DON'T ladies! You are gorgeous as you are!)

It has both a fun and more serious aspect , please check out all these gorgeous ladies. It reminds me of Operation Beautiful ...spread the love !
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