Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday -Charmed & dangerous

WARNING ... on the loose are the marker monsters .

The evidence of the villains partners in crime...

Caught in the act

Making a quick getaway

Do not approach they are charmed & dangerous.

Sheriff Woody didn't stand a chance.

They may be coaxed out of hiding with candy ;) or a camera !

PS A Question ...are they showing off their talents or rebelling against house rules ?

When asked why piped up we didn't have no paper !

Thanks to the ZIG memory marker for being completely removable ...and the brown Crayola washable marker - you guys rock !

Disclaimer - I didn't get angry as it was my fault for lack of supervision ...even if in my defence I thought they were napping. Since I got my camera out I couldn't get cross ... it was funny . I was wordless ...well speechless because I was laughing so much !

Links to stop children writing on the walls #1 #2 #3
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jayayceeblog said...

I just about had a heart attack, especially when I saw the blinds. Thank heavens it's washable marker. I knew somebody whose son walked all around the house with a permanent marker, just drawing a long line down the wall as he went.

alicia said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!! Speechless. And great pics.

tiff(threeringcircus) said...


They are charmers alright!

Jayne said...

Oh my lord!
Thank goodness it was washable lol.

CatWay said...

Oh dear. I'm glad it came off!

superrelish said...

Thanks for the laugh. I thought my monsters were the only ones who had fun with markers.

This was a recap of our colouring misadventures that have include markers, pens and paints, even house paint and oil paints.

Clearly I don't learn but the photos are fun!

Tamsyn said...

How would it even be possible to get mad when they are just so adorable!?

I'm glad it all washed off :)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@jayaycee was supposed to be waterproof #FAIL = my good fortune & the boyos.

@Alicia ... thanks I was speechless ..for a few seconds !

@Tiff - I almost was .

@Jayne - yes thank goodness for them ;)

@Catway - so was I (made telling my husband easier)

@Superrelish - I love love your pics ...I feel so much better now I am in good company.

@Tamsyn - yes , they get away with a lot more than they probbaly should LOL.

Jackie at 3littleones said...

OMG!!! You handled that much better than I would have! Too funny though :)

RobMonroe said...

Glad you took it in stride - every child does it at some point. My nieces did it three times in one week, then twice the next.

Happy WW!

Jenty said...

Oi what a mess!! Hope it wasn't too much trouble to get clean!

Bettina said...

You're in trouble now, once it starts it doesn't stop... it just gets more decorative lol

SupahMommy said...


you will NEVER forget this and will tell this story on their wedding day !

Secret Mom Thoughts said...


Becki said...

Oh my goodness! I guess I should be grateful for the crayon scribbles we found just on the front window today! Hahahaha....

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