Monday 31 March 2014

Bracing myself for what comes next - update.

On Friday I noticed my left thigh seemed to be more swollen. I wondered if it could have been related to another trip to Sydney on Thursday. This time my husband drove so we could attend a funeral of my dear friend's mum - about 9-10hrs return. It got worse over the weekend despite massage.

I wish I'd thought to wrestle slip on my compression [running] pants. Today, I chased around trying to get an ultrasound since I'd self diagnosed a seroma (accumulated fluid) ,much easier to deal with compared to the alternative an infection/abscess or something else - though it was unlikely.

The GP couldn't get me an appointment at either of the two local imaging centres , so he said present to the hospital.

Thankfully, I had my iPad and 2048 and Sudoku to pass the waiting time. My mobile wifi refused to connect.

 I'm grateful I got the ultrasound because I would have cracked it I don't want anything to delay the start of the radiotherapy. My appointment with the Professor -Radiation Oncology is tomorrow to get that rolling.

As it was a seroma (and I was a private patient for my surgery in Sydney), the Dr rang my surgeon in Sydney, out of courtesy, for advice. I need to have the accumulated fluid [seroma] drained by a needle and syringe aspirated under guided ultrasound tomorrow at 9.45am, at the hospital.

It took a while to get everything sorted and then I was quite stressed because I had to be home to meet my boys at the school bus. I made it just in time.

Bracing myself for what comes next because I might need to have it done a few times, I hope it sounds worse than it actually is ?
Fun times.

EDIT - Well we were wrong - the fluid was a haematoma and a collection of blood not serous fluid - about 70mls was aspirated by a bloody big 19 gauge needle and syringe. It is still a bit swollen looking but swelling has reduced. The worse part was the local anaesthetic injection. It is now sorer than before but I'm sucking it up and going to paddle today anyway.

I am now (in the next week or so) in waiting, for the call to give me an appointment for Radiation treatment planning.