Thursday, 24 January 2013

Grateful for Square Eyes

I am grateful for the heartache, headaches and hilarity in our daily lives. Sometimes (especially with teenagers) it isn't easy but it is still enriching and worth every minute.

I have lived through the deepest sadness of losing a child.I know God had a reason, I am still working that one out. I am grateful for her brief life, though it wasn't the joy we all imagine when we first see those two little lines.

I am grateful for my two little boys (and the bigger one).I find that the hardest part is looking at my little boys wondering would they be here if my little girl was.

I am grateful IVF gave us the chance to 'birth' living children. Sadly not everyone can share the joys children bring.
Playing a trick on me ... Joel comes to announce Sam has square eyes from to much TV, then says BIG YELLOW square eyes ...I paid no attention ...then he lead 'blind' Sam to me !
I am grateful for my children because they give me a reason to clean smile, laugh, live and play (and bake gingerbread people). 

I pray the 'great' 'full' ness doesn't diminish and on days when I feel jaded I can focus on all these grateful things.

I am grateful that no matter how bad things seem and when they press all my buttons and I lose my cool -  my precious children are forgiving and still kiss & hug me goodnight.

(The 5 drops from the other day ...they rushed out with umbrellas to dance in the rain. Yesterday, we got 18mm)

 I am most grateful for the 18mm rain we got last night and hopefully it will be followed by more rain.

This year I'm trying to consciously seek out moments of grateful, be it the mundane or a little bit of magic in my own life .

What are you grateful for today ?