Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The happiness of life is made up of little things... a smile, a hug and a moment of shared time with the love and lights of my life.

I am still here. I may have stopped reading your blog for a while , its not because I don't want to or I've 'unfriended you' .... I just haven't had the time.

June has been about letting things happen, with out having to record them here ...

Things certainly are busy around here, life is never short of being eventful though mostly just basic stuff keeps us on the hop.

I couldn't let this day go by...

So on this day - 4 years ago right about now it was slowly sinking in , that the next day our twin boys would be born ...oh what a special day it was. The days have flown off the calendar this last trip around the sun. I can hardly believe it. I'll try to post more pics tomorrow .

These are the new Toy Story p'js ...early birthday presents
we saw Toy story 3 on Monday it was awesome !)

They look like ragamuffins most of the time. Fortunately , 4 3-year-olds don't care too much about appearances. They play in the mud , sand & water ... obliviously happy in their mismatched hand-me-downs, uncombed hair and gum boots.

Anyway it has been a busy 3 wks ... though I never expected to be away for so long. I don't have much for you today either.

Firstly ?

So tell me how are things going at your place ?
Is life treating you kind?
Can you still see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Are your days flying by so fast you only see a blur ?
well Welcome, oh welcome (Though I hope NOT) , to my world.

Briefly because I have some birthday wrapping to finish.

My Husband has started his radiation therapy ... 2.5 weeks down, about 4 weeks to go. So if you can keep praying for him.
That God will fill M with HIS strength so that he may get through each day, knowing God is there with him every step of the way. Pray too for his comfort in knowing God is in control and that he has lots of people praying for his healing.

There is a lot of other stuff happening too so I haven't had time to read or even comment much. I've had a lot more important things to do.
A little housework ...though you can't tell.
The house is a mess ...
I tell my husband I don't dare turn my back to vacuum because our 3-year-old twins will be out the door and over the fence ...or else I am retrieving whatever has been tossed over !

I won't deny life has been very stressful, exhausting and I feel so churned up very day but that's another post... night xoxo

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Snake wrangler

A few weeks we took the boys to the Dubbo show ...

The snake man (Herpetologist) was showing us both dangerous (venomous) snakes (up too close for me) and these huge non venomous pythons ... Sam my little snake charmer was keen to hold one (safe ones).

Personally I was very grossed out when I had to touch the snake to remove it from around Sam's neck....eeeeewwwwwww it felt awful.

I'm not Ophidiophobic ... though I don't really like snakes . Ophidiophobia is a snake phobia and is said to be one of the most debilitating phobias .

Ophidiophobia can take hold of people even when the snake does not present itself in person and even bring about high levels of anxiety even when the snake is only present in print form. One of my best friends (I met as a teenager) couldn't even see them as a black white line drawing / or illustration in a book (so her dad covered them over). Seriously even mentioning them created anxiety for her. I am sure it still does.

Another best friend from school lived next door to a well known Herpetologist, 'Jim'
in his small surburban backyard he kept many of reptiles friend's Dad always found a few when mowing his lawn ;). I remember seeing Jim's small son wrapped completely in a snake 3 times as long as the boy was tall.

The best first aid for most venomous snakes is a pressure bandage stop lymphatic spread - bandage firmly, splint and immobilise! Never wash the site , it's important to retain traces of venom for use with venom identification kits!

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I fully intended to post a post yesterday but the power went out ... it would probably have been a boring post any way where I told you all how busy I was washing/cooking and cleaning . We spent Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon at the farm (that's another post) so I had a lot of washing to do and cleaning at home to catch up on.

I'm grateful ...
  • I decided to get stuck into my housework instead of my google reader and blog commenting ... so the washing was mostly done , the house was tidy, bed was re-made with clean dry sheets (after already doing so the night before. We discovered Goldilocks the teen had been 'lying' or sleeping in our bed...Goldilocks he ain't ....then the next morning because a small cuddly boy thing peed a bit on the sheet...I don't like wet patches)
  • The small boys were bathed early after a mishap.
  • I'd picked up most of the toys and unpacked the groceries.
  • I'd cooked a double load of Spaghetti bolognaise and put it in the slow cooker to simmer.
  • I started cooking Chocolate brownies from scratch (not a packet) ... the power went out half way through baking. It was lucky I thought of using the hooded gas BBQ as an oven to finish them. They tasted great still...just a little crunchier at the edges. I like this best but not so DH.
  • We were able to boil the spaghetti noodles on the side burner of the gas BBQ ...then we ate by candle light & torch light.
  • The Bolognaise meat /sauce were still piping hot from being in slow cooker mmm...
  • Just as we finished dinner about 1.20mins after the power went out the lights & power came back on ...just in time to finish cleaning up.
So my plans to upload photos and do some blog posting & blog hopping went out like the lights ...

No news to update about my DH this week. He is just 'waiting' to start the 6.5 wks of radiation therapy next Tuesday.

My post it's of wisdom this week ...

I love rainbows ...
The truth ...

Just in case you think I talk about you ... I do !!! I still ♥ you !

I ♥ Post it Tuesday
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Post it Tuesday # 26 Some Good news ...

Finally ...

In other news ... (it was my brother's loo ...after a big poo ....Phew they didn't need to fish out the paper eeeeewww)

My new positive affirmation ...

Sorry I can't talk too much right now life is so busy, DH had an unrelated to 'C ' eye appointment, dentist appointment and then an appointment with Chemo Dr today... in 3 different locations, then we had to drop the boys off for minding ...pickup them up at 7.30pm scoring a free dinner ...thanks to my SIL.

We left home at 8.15am and got home at 9pm. The small boys also now look much bigger after their haircuts we squeezed in today too... I can't believe my babies are 47 months old.
Life is never short of eventful xoxo

I ♥ Post it Tuesday

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