Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Snake wrangler

A few weeks we took the boys to the Dubbo show ...

The snake man (Herpetologist) was showing us both dangerous (venomous) snakes (up too close for me) and these huge non venomous pythons ... Sam my little snake charmer was keen to hold one (safe ones).

Personally I was very grossed out when I had to touch the snake to remove it from around Sam's neck....eeeeewwwwwww it felt awful.

I'm not Ophidiophobic ... though I don't really like snakes . Ophidiophobia is a snake phobia and is said to be one of the most debilitating phobias .

Ophidiophobia can take hold of people even when the snake does not present itself in person and even bring about high levels of anxiety even when the snake is only present in print form. One of my best friends (I met as a teenager) couldn't even see them as a black white line drawing / or illustration in a book (so her dad covered them over). Seriously even mentioning them created anxiety for her. I am sure it still does.

Another best friend from school lived next door to a well known Herpetologist, 'Jim'
in his small surburban backyard he kept many of reptiles friend's Dad always found a few when mowing his lawn ;). I remember seeing Jim's small son wrapped completely in a snake 3 times as long as the boy was tall.

The best first aid for most venomous snakes is a pressure bandage stop lymphatic spread - bandage firmly, splint and immobilise! Never wash the site , it's important to retain traces of venom for use with venom identification kits!

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