Saturday, 4 December 2010

Grateful Saturday - The rain can stop now !

I'm grateful it's
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It's been a tough year dealing with my husband's cancer, his surgery, radiation therapy and the multitude of apprehensive feelings that the C word brings.
That’s when I considered , all things considered we have so much to be grateful for …
It's been raining ...torrential at times this week.
It stopped Thursday, briefly.
Though sustained heavy rainfall in recent days has led to flooding that has caused significant damage to many areas.
The farm is okay we don't have crops to harvest.
We've been home to Sydney and back again.
Friday morning was clearing, though everything was soaked,muddy & slippery.
It didn't start raining till after lunch.

DH also came off his bike yesterday on his way to the other side of the farm to get the tractor, on the way back the tractor got bogged.

I didn't hear my phone ; I was calling him on the UHF radio but something wasn't working right so he didn't hear me nor I him.

DH hurt his right (calf) leg, shoulder & ribs. Then he had a 3km walk back home (to our side of the farm)He wasn't hurt badly, that I can see, no blood, but is very sore.

The creek at the front to the property is well under water - our only way out too.

Baring a long walk like we're going on a bear hunt ... across very soggy paddocks & mud, through neighbours & barbed wire fences to the highway to hitchhike.

I'm grateful
  1. For a dry bed .
  2. Electricity boil my kettle & the shower.
  3. Handme down clothes because Friday the Brothers went through 3-4 sets each and I appreciate all the lovely extras we have now.
  4. The NSW State Emergency Service volunteers for excelling in emergency management. They are the response agency for floods, storms and tsunamis in NSW.

More than 10,000 volunteers give up their time in 228 locations throughout NSW to assist their communities during floods, storms and other emergencies.

For emergency help in floods and storms, call the SES on

132 500

The silver lining ... the Brothers had a ball in the puddles.
They escaped when I went to get my camera and since they were already wet (2 & 3 rd change of clothes for the day) I let them free range.

The rain can stop NOW !!
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