Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Empty Arms


25th May was my Blogosversary and it also marked the start of NaComLeavMo. I am playing catchup today. Melissa from Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters wrote

... Blog writing for a month is all good and fine; but what about the other side of blogging--the comment leaving? Comment leaving is an integral part of blogging. Without comments, blog posts are as flat as...Flat Stanley. Blogging is a conversation.

Welcome ... If you are visiting me for NaComLeavMo and are struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss, I am sorry if the pictures of my IVF twins upsets you. My story is complex.

For 14 years I've straddled the realms of long term infertility, local adoption, surprise pregnancy and the subsequent unexplained loss of that precious little girl when I was 6 months pregnant in 2004 (Charlotte was stillborn) .Then we embarked on an IVF journey that gave us our miracle boys in 2006.

I want to share this with you Empty Arms .If you want to know how someone suffering infertility feels please watch this video too and share it.

Anyway from May 25th to June 25th I am up for a full month of intense comment leaving.*gasp*

I look forward to visiting you and I hope to meet many new people and share my story too. It should be a lot of fun.

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