Monday 26 May 2008

Aerobix and other heavy stuff

MY Winter Exercise program...

I am on it !

Take one Weetbix.

Take an Aero chocolate bar.

Crumble the Aero over the Weetbix. Voila!


Seriously I would not do that to a chocolate and I don't really eat aero bars because they are so full of holes - hole lot of nothing !

I do have a muffin top and a twin belly flap ... tucks neatly into my jean though and is hidden by top.I don't mind this at all - the babies love to poke my belly button in and out. It is a cheap amusement whilst nursing - except it makes me jump.
I am inspired to start a real exercise program though after reading Lightening's efforts.I want to get fit. My weight is in the healthy weight range but on the limits. I will never wear a bikini again my body is very ugly due to NF1.
So some serious stuff now ...
I will talk more about this later week . May is Neurofibromatosis awareness month -and I am in still in denial ...It is as common a genetic disorder as CysticFibrosis yet most people have never heard of NF.

Have you ?

Rewinding at the Fibro today 7/5/2010 ...


Unknown said...

Trish, you cracked me up with the AEROBIX! LOL!

Thanks for sharing the links regarding Neurofibromatosis. I hadn't heard of it before. I learn something new here all the time.

Hope you have a great week. XO

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the aerobix plan! I liked that commercial, I had ever seen it.

Talina said...

Don't think I have heard of it... and that video is funny, and sweet!

Have a nice memorial day.

Robyn Jones said...

LOL!...I want one...anything with chocolate while prego....

Unknown said...

Like C, I'd never heard of it before!
And LOL about the weatbix :)

alicia said...

ha ha! what a great diet plan! so funny.

Your boys are just 2 cute by the way!

Here from NaComLeavMo

Anonymous said...

I could easily to that to a weetbix :-)

Thanks for the NF links - I'd never heard of it before either.

If kids don't put an end to your bikini body there's always something else that will! If I used getting into a bikini as a goal to encourage me to exercise I think I'd give up before I started :-)

Anonymous said...

I love WeetBix and I love Aero bars. I may have to indulge....

Good luck with the exercise program. I should too...but as if that's going to happen!

Anonymous said...

love the exercise idea!!

will have to investigate............. lmao

Crazed Nitwit said...

Yes, I have heard of it. Maybe 25 years ago. The most common type portrayed on TV is the cranio-facical growths. Is this autosomal recessive? CF is the the most common genetic disease in the US. Medigeek surfaces agian!

I have no diseases I just am never showing my body to the world again, not in a bikini!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

hello Trish :)
weetbix and aero...eewwwww
gorgeous photos of your boys...
I loved the one of them hugging ...too cute :) :)

ps Jason the Jerk sounds like a real pain....

Anonymous said...

Great exercise idea, NF...yes somewhere back in my nursing day s i remember nusing children with it. Not so nice.
Have a good one!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

C- I copied it *grin*(from a forward 'Maxine' the cartoon lady)

Project Mommy - the guy is a keeper and a real sweetie LOL.

Thanks Talina - hope you had a great Memorial day -everyday is a semi holiday for me.

Robyn - so did I loved craved it and the boys love it now.

thanks Jenty

Alicia - great to meet you - I wills top by your blog shortly ;)

Journeyer : not many people have I know. It is quite stigmatised.LOL - me too ... bikinis are so 10 years ago.

Suze - a terrible waste of an Aero if you ask me - there isn't much of it and if you break up all the holes whats left ?

Thanks Bettina - if only it was that easy ;)

Janice - thank you .Many sites I read said NF group is more common than CF. I was very surprised
see the statistics here
I didn't realise this and not sure how true it is.

I didn't know it was featured on Dallas either.Not that I watched it much but ti was on when I was growing up.

Thanks Kim : they don't have much time for hugging usually ;) .

Jason is ...but so are all spammers. At least he was rude.OMG I saw some last night that shocked me.

Sarah said...

I've heard of NF!! I knew another mom whose baby was diagnosed w/ it about the same time as mine was diagnosed with CF!! I think I'll do a post about it...I'd love to get some input from you if you wouldnt' mind!! Just email me!!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Unfortunately, have to go to specialty store in the U.S. if I want to participate in Aerobix.

allison tait said...

I think I'll sign up for your version of Aerobix...

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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