Sunday, 25 May 2008

Weekly Winners - Blogoversary edition

May 18th - 24th
Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom is the brainchild and host of Weekly Winners. It gives me something to aspire too each week ( a new camera ...) I didn't get many this week.

The sky is the limit

Baby is feeding
Brotherly hugsFuture Blogger
Daddy made a sandpit this weekend
Sandy piggies

what happens when you leave toddlers in bed to nap
(ps there was a little parcel in the bed but I spared you
thank goodness he doesn't like painting)

Twin hug

the end of another WW

525,600 minutes do you measure a year ?
Well, a year ago today I started My Little Drummer Boys blog (though I had two other posts written earlier that were an integral part of my story). A few years ago I saw the musical RENT. This song sums up what I feel.

How do you measure a year ? ... 376 published posts...1500 cups of tea or more . A large number with no comments . I was very discouraged in the beginning. I am still not sure how where my blog will take me . There are so many things I want to say but not enough hours in my day and yet ...

I do feel 'down' sometimes and I feel if I don’t put some of my thoughts down I will have a meltdown.

I’m not writing this for sympathy or even your encouraging and kind words or earnest comments. It blows me away when you do though. The kindness of strangers can be infinite.I just know that I have been thinking (and dreaming) of so much I want to say and not saying anything about it is making me feel worse . So maybe I will ?

I say thank you for each and every one of my readers for hanging in there. I really appreciate you. It is a great song ... Seasons of Love ?

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