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This post is a verbose summary ...just in case you wanted to know more but didn't want to ask ! -well you can

I find when I am visiting new Blogs for a first time it can be difficult to navigate the archives to find out more. Often I spend time searching for answers in past posts. That’s all good, but sometimes I still don’t find it. I decided to collate this because it seems a good idea (thanks Melissa) to knit a single post together that contains relevant information that you might like to know (or not).

• My name is Trish.
• My husband's name is Matthew . We have been married 20 years.


• We briefly considered IVF in 1993 but after one appointment decided it was not for us (…back then)


• We have an adopted son David, adopted as at 13.5 months old though in a normal ‘newborn’ adoption program. David is 14 yrs old. We were planning to adopt a special needs children but that adoption fell through before we finished our approval anyway .

• We also fostered a little girl, S (4.5yrs) for 3 weeks in July 2003 sadly it did not work out due to her Father (I digress to say– last year she joined my Sister’s family as a foster child).


• In 2004 after 12 years infertility we were surprised to conceive, unassisted, ~ Charlotte~. Charlotte died in utero when I was almost 6 months (26 weeks) and was stillborn. You can read her story HERE.
• After ~ Charlotte~ I turned to the Internet to understand my grief and connect with others walking the same path. We were not able to find out why she died and I wanted answers.


• I became involved in several different online parenting forums in pregnancy loss topics and then infertility threads. These women gave me the knowledge to try again and pursue assisted conception primarily IVF because of our long history of infertility and my age …38 nudging 39.
• I had read and heard of a few infertility / IVF blogs so I decided I’d started this one … this is my very FIRST POST
• We conceived our fraternal boy twins S & J on our 2nd IVF Cycle.
• Our first IVF yielded a harvest of 17 eggs, 13 fertilised and two were transferred at day 2 - and 6 frozen. 12 days later we found out we were not pregnant.
• Our first frozen embryo transfer was two weeks later … using 5 of our 6 frozen embryos. This same day I last saw my Dad alive. He was a patient in the same large hospital I was having my transfer at the Fertility clinic. It was sheer coincidence we met both my parents in the corridor. We had some quick lying, explaining to do. No one (in our family) knew we were undergoing IVF. We didn’t know it would be the last time we would see him conscious or maybe I would have.


• My Dad passed away 26th August 2005 – suddenly with complications of Graft VS host after a successful bone marrow transplant from his brother. He died a few days before the first anniversary of losing ~Charlotte~.
• I found we were not pregnant around the same day we had found out a year before our long awaited baby’s heart had stopped beating...
• In the space of a few days our world was shattered several times over.
• September 2005 our last frozen embryo failed to thaw properly so it was we started our 2nd IVF cycle...


• By this stage I had learned so much from my IVF cycle buddies and DR Google. I insisted we grow our embryos to Blastocyst. They said yes if I had enough eggs.
• I had 19 eggs and 15 fertilised … more than enough but it was a nail biting 6 days –hoping and praying we would an embryo left to on transfer. Our transfer was on day 6 – instead of the usual 5 because the clinic was closed Sunday … I don’t think it is because they all to Church but I think we did.
• Monday 14th Nov was our appointment with destiny – they had 5 Embryos still growing but only 2 were deemed normal, 2 are the maximum they will transfer anyway but none were suitable to freeze. I was a little perturbed but thought no matter I can do this again if I have too.
• An agonising two week wait … well less because my transfer was day 6 instead of day 2.


• About 8 days later I had an inkling I was pregnant and after much encouragement from my Internet support crews I decided to flush away the temptation and pee on a stick the next morning November 23rd about 5.30am. Two pink lines.
• I jumped the queue for my beta blood test –got told off – but I later received the phone call that would change my life forever confirm I was indeed pregnant and up the duff well and truly with a beta HCG in 400’s instead of 100-200.


• I guessed I might be having twins. It was confirmed at 7weeks though I knew we had 2 sacs at 5wks 6days but only one heartbeat.
• My pregnancy was high risk but I was well and healthy. It was more to monitor their growth and ensure that I got to take them both home. I was extremely anxious after losing my daughter at 6 months –unknown reason too.
• At 18 weeks we found out they were both boys. They were both breech from about 30weeks.I was booked for caesarean on 14th July (38 wks) but I developed Obstetric Cholestasis in late June. I went to hospital 30th June and they were delivered the next day by emergency c/s (not a real emergency though).
• Our twins were born on July 1st 2006 – exactly a year to the day I first started my IVF cycle with the injectables-PUREGON follicle stimulating hormones– not counting the birth control ‘PILL’ I took or the Synarel ( a drug you sniff strictly every 12 hrs to prevent ovulation and keep hormones suppressed).
• IS & J were born at 35 weeks and 4 days. They had minor breathing difficulties at birth – mostly what any premature c/s baby have but otherwise healthy and screaming. They were kept in the NICU for 4 days then we were transferred to our local hospital special care nursery.
• July 1st also the day the Australian Governments Baby bonus rose from $3000 per child to $4000 – a joke the Doctor had with me moments before they were born – except he thought is was $5000 – I wish.


• My blog is very eclectic – a RANDOM collection of stuff about parenting twins , my tornado toddlers, a tumultuous teenager , a little on infertility, pregnancy loss and random stuff like blogger tips and even cooking and gardening.
• I consider my real blogoversary is 25th May 2007-the pilot episode being 1st July 2005 .When I started I wrote 2 posts somehow in two different blogs because I had no idea then nothing for more than a year and half.

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