Monday, 1 August 2011

Not another Blogopolis post ~ just a quick update.

So I grand plans to write up the greatest post conference post but sorry if you want that go here , here or maybe over here and most definitely here for the best round up of all the master classes

Imagine - 51 Blog Tools & Resources Mentioned at Nuffnang Blogopolis #nnb2011
Most of you know I made it despite the turn of events this time a week ago. I appreciated the kind offers. (I just haven't got back to reply to comments because it's so hard on my iPad - it keeps calling me TRASH ! )

I finally got to meet Mel, my dear URL friend who I've known online for six years, now I can count her as IRL because I now know she isn't a balding man in his 60s pretending to be a mum lol * (*pinched this off her facebook status from her friend).

We actually met in online IVF ~ want to be parents forum. 

Her little lads are delightful and I was pleased my own little drummers got to play with them for a bit, till my hubby started the trek back to Sydney with them and caravan in tow.

Mel put up with me gave me dinner and a bed for the night. She also works in the CBD and set me on the right train to the Blogger's Brunch.
Fortunately, I was rooming with the gorgeous Kirsty @ Mummy to five (5.5yrs and under people- she is one amazing lady) , including a set of twins. After the conference we both had an early night and early departure back home.

I am still recovering , not from any hangovers at pre and post drink sessions but from a cold virus. It rendered me voiceless by the afternoon of the conference and with a nasty dripping nose and hacking cough.Still voiceless.

I was very disappointed I didn't have a voice left to ask where some lovely ladies I wanted to meet were and much less the ability , feeling so unwell by conference end.

Still, I, thoroughly enjoyed the day with Kate Our Little Sins , Jodie from Muddled Up Mumma, Grace from Musings of Mama Grace and Maria from Mum's Word and Leigh from Absoluteleigh who I've had the pleasure of meeting a few times before.

I  enjoyed immensely the Blogger's Brunch and Nuffnang Conference , I just don't have the energy to articulate my thoughts into coherent sentences right now. I have serious brain information overload and sleep deprivation.

I learnt overall I need to make a few blog changes AND despite what they said I am definitely staying on blogger...
By far the conversation that had the biggest impact was a heartfelt chat to Fi about Heartfelt and I will write more on that later.

I came home to two children joining me in my coughing chorus and snot trumpeting choir , as well as a burst hot water system. Thank goodness we still have hot water - how I can't tell you, but my man knows all about it and how to fix it Wednesday because he has ordered us a new one.

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