Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Reconnecting with 2011 goals and Bloggers Brunch

An extra incentive to attend the Nuffnang Blogopolis was an invitation to the exclusive Kid's Business Blogger's Brunch on Friday 29th July. It was a privilege to attend to hear some amazing speakers speak about motivation and reconnecting with our New Years goals !

The venue was impressive, it had a huge raised carved ,wooden podium with long wooden seats for the speakers to sit on and amazing decor around us.

First the speakers ...

 Melinda Gainsford Taylor  Melinda , a 3 times Olympian, spoke as an ambassador for Weight Watchers. I enjoyed her story and struggle to maintain healthy weight and exercise after being an elite Olympic sportswoman.
Her top tips for busy mums trying to get into an exercise routine were

  1. Schedule exercise into your weekly program...write it down.
  2. Grab a friend to be your exercise buddy
  3. Put your clothes out on the FLOOR the night before ...so you have no excuse not to miss them and don't have to go looking.
I even learned Melinda was raised on a sheep & wheat farm in Narromine which is near to where we are moving. I am starting my couch to 5k [again] as soon as I am well enough.

 Nicole Avery from Planning with kids spoke about blogging goals , of course, and asking ourselves about our reasons for blogging and what we want to achieve.
Why do I want this ?
She encouraged us to write down our goals each month and review them regularly, and at the end of the month. To spur us on.

Nicole's top tips of things to do differently after her week  to help us achieve our goals
  • Don't let your inbox rule your life, only check it twice a day (and action what you need to)!
  • Before you go to bed spent 30 mins on a task to achieve your goal.
  • Don't let Facebook and Twitter rule
  • Those who schedule blocks of office time, remember to take a break from your office after a few hours.Go for walk , play with kids or anything to refresh you.
Heather James of Inspiring Mums - said doesn't consider herself an accomplished speaker but whoa she certainly inspired me to get back on my GO TRAIN. Read more here. She has overcome much adversity and achieved so much.

 Susan Jackson spoke on financial goals , tracking our spending on STUFF . I am now starting my spending diary for the next 6 weeks to see if I can change a few bad habits and think longer term.

 Bernadette Black winner of the Barnardos Mother of the Year award 2009  - started her inspiring story telling us how she became pregnant AT 16 ! She was amazing and encouraged us to put a roar in our belly. I really want to read her book Brave Little Bear. Bernie has triumphed over some extreme challenges .Today she runs the ‘Brave Foundation’ an organisation helping thousands of teenage mums deal with their challenges and to assist them to finish school.

Christie Kids Business spoke too and promised we would walk away feeling inspired as a woman and mum. It was all about being responsible for ourselves to chase our goals and stay on track and to think forward where we want to be 5 yrs from today. I certainly came away inspired.

Of course the day was really all about the exhibitors and sponsors too.

They showcased some of their products and each blogger had the opportunity to walk away with gifts bags of free products including a HOMEDICS Neck massager, Aunty Rozzy books, Protector a bed pillowcase (so far) , Blackmore's vitamins, Garnier Moisturiser and new eye products, more information on Million Dollar women ...(which I saw an ad for , the very first time at home)!

Some bloggers were definitely having trouble carrying everything they scored out the door! Hopefully I'll have some giveaways to post soon.

If you attended the Bloggers brunch what did you enjoy most ?

I'd like to say a big thank you to Christie from Kids Business for organising this event  held at Family Life in Grattan Street Prahran. Room To Grow TV filmed the entire event too.

I am not just saying it , it seriously made me think about goal setting and motivation to love my life now but also be future focused.

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