Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday Jeans for Genes

Aussie Not so Wordless Wednesday for a good cause

This brings back a few memories ...

Drummer boys @13 months in Daddy's jeans

5yrs 1month - Jeans for Genes

  • “Patch Your Jeans” Facebook App: Create your own denim patch using the ‘Patch Your Jeans’ app and share it . I attached our own patch above!  To check out the app, visit the Jeans for Genes Facebook page (
  • Become a Fundraising Genie: Organise a fundraising activity at your home, office, school or community on Jeans for Genes Day.  It could be as simple as asking your group to wear jeans on Jeans for Genes Day and make a donation.  To get a free Genie Kit, visit the website to register:
  • Wear Denim on 5 August and Share Your Pic: Remember to wear denim on 5 August, share it on Facebook and tag Jeans for Genes in the photo so it can be shared with supporters of the campaign!

If you’d like more information about Jeans for Genes Day or CMRI, please visit the CMRI Web site at

Jeans for Genes day ... it means more to us because Sam has a genetically inherited disease Neurofibromatosis 1. So do I and other members of my extended family.

It is extremely variable - and there is so much more unknown but we live pretty normal lives albeit with more medical appointments and treatments/surgery when things come up.

Ps My Canon camera battery is flat and charger awol so I had to instagram these.
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