Thursday, 4 August 2011

Giveaway ~ Blackmore's winning the fight against the cold and flu season

It is has been a 5 long days of raspy voices and a coughing chorus in our house. Also, I am still virtually voiceless.

My cough lurgy started Friday night.I was very thankful I had already received a bottle of  Blackmores Cough Combat at the Bloggers brunch. It was very soothing and I am sure it helped ease some of my coughing.

As a former Paediatric's nurse I am careful about giving cough relief products to my children. Coughing as annoying as it is, is a helpful defense.

A cough is defined as a sudden and often repetitively occurring natural defence reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages of excess secretions and microbes.
Though after researching this product and hearing about it at Blogger's Brunch, I feel very comfortable in giving my boys this.

Blackmore's has always been a brand I could trust. The boys don't mind the great [my opinion] tasting Cough Combat formula. I like that it is sugar free - but they still make a face.

Derived from ivy leaf ‘Blackmores Cough Combat is a natural alternative for the whole family.
It calmed my coughing and helped relieve a little chest congestion.

Blackmores Cough Combat can be used in children from 2 years and for children from six months after consulting a health care professional, such as a pharmacist or naturopath.’ The website link has all the product information.
When it comes to my health, I don’t usually take many or any regular multivitamins because I forget and/or the price. I am now set for a few months, thanks to the Blogger's I 'll see if I feel a difference.

I also knew I had a package waiting for me of  ‘Blackmores Cough Combat and   Blackmores Immuno Defence  in the post on Monday. Perfect timing ! I was wondering how I was going to review it before I got sick !

(Just glad I didn't take home any of the Pregnancy vitamins to review)

My immune system definitely needs a boost, having had cold sores the week before too. I tend to get them when I feel stressed and run down.

 I started taking Blackmores ImmunoDefence immediately. The main ingredient is Lactoferrin (from cows milk not breastmilk). It supports the body’s immune defences, which fight off colds and flu.
 Blackmores Immunodefence™ is formulated in line with latest research and combines lactoferrin, which helps to boost the activity of certain immune cells, with zinc and vitamin D which may help to support healthy immune resistance.

Want to keep the winter blues away ?

Well, I have two Night Owl kits (RRP $84) to give away with thanks to Blackmores.

Each kit contains a gorgeous plush owl toy, cute stripey bed socks, and Blackmores Cough Combat and ImmunoDefence.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave me a comment telling me  

a cold & flu remedy you recommend...

I need all the help I can get.

Australian residents only.
Competition closes on  Friday 12th 2011 at 11.59pm AEST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED
The two winners will be drawn through

The winners are

Disclosure: For the purpose of this review I received a package of Blackmores Cough Combat and ImmunoDefence .I also received one bottle of the Cough combat at the Blogger's brunch completely separately.
No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own... we didn't even get a cute OWL or stripey socks  how sad it is that.

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