Friday, 5 August 2011

Things I know

I know
  • I might have 300 rolls of toilet paper in the garage (thanks Kleenex) but why I am the one who always gets the last sheet on the roll or worse an empty one.
  • When I disable the TV in the morning - the cat hates me because the boys decide she wants to jump in a small cupboard box (and sleep with the flaps down).
  • Having a newly licenced P' plater in the house adds a new dimension of parental fear despite the new freedom it brings more DAD'S taxi.
  •  The petrol tank will need filling soon - so get.a.job.son!
  • My husband always take the best shots- it's Jeans for Genes day. I hope you are all supporting this worthy cause.
  • I am over the coughing and hoarse voice - just can't wait to yell at my kids again. Whispering just doesn't cut it :) - 
  • I know everyone wants to win this to win your own battle against cold & flu season.

Playing along with Shae - what do you know today ?
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